How to embrace your changing body during pregnancy


Struggling to accept the changes your body is going through during pregnancy? You are not alone. Motherhood is a transformative journey, which might take some getting used to. 

The reality is that the ‘perfect’ pregnancy body doesn’t exist. Understand that it’s normal to have mixed feelings about the changes you are going through. Here are some tips to help you embrace these changes:

  1. Look after yourself: Focus on nourishing your body with wholesome foods and staying active—your well-being matters. Weight gain, stretch marks, and loose skin are natural parts of pregnancy, like age is a natural part of life. 
  2. Embrace the stretch marks: Your growing belly is a testament to the life blossoming within. Each stretch mark tells a story of strength. See this period as a call to walk your path rather than following another. Appreciate motherhood as an opportunity to create a closer relationship with yourself as you take on the responsibility of nurturing another tiny human being. 
  3. Imperfections are okay: Prioritise your well-being rather than focusing on attaining a specific appearance. Understand that your body is doing incredible work, and imperfections are okay. Consult a healthcare provider who can guide you through the physical changes and address weight concerns. Remember that every curve, and every scar tells a story of resilience and love. 
  4. Knowledge is empowering: Connect with other Moms and join support groups and online communities where you can share experiences and hear stories from other women, which can normalise the challenges and help you feel less alone. 

For more information, connect with expert midwife Sr Londe, Vital Baby’s trusted advisor who provides advice through monthly Instagram Live videos for new mums and mums-to-be, answering your specific questions during the sessions.