Make your destination a hotspot with these 5 Gen Z travel trends 


Born between 1997 and early 2012, the Gen Z’s are the new generation to look out for in the travel industry. Not only do they love to travel, they are also redefining what it means to travel.

In order to learn how to cater for this new generation, it is key to understand them. These five Gen Z travel trends will do just that:

  1. Characteristics: 82% said they trust a company more if it uses images of actual customers, giving them a chance to see a new place through the eyes of locals. Try to promote your venue’s most appealing features and hone in on what sets you apart.
  2. Purchasing behaviour: 68% read multiple reviews before making a purchase, so do ensure you’re staying on top of guest feedback.
  3. Money habits: Experiences matter! 65% of Gen Z respondents said they would rather take a dream vacation than purchase a new car. 
  4. Leisure behaviour: And 97% use social media as their primary source of inspiration, so make sure you’re on the right channels. TikTok is becoming the most popular form of social media being used by Gen Z.
  5. Accommodation: These young travellers prefer solo travel over travelling with friends and appreciate great culture in affordable destinations rather than luxury resorts.

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