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Get your garden Winter ready

Don’t let the cold weather freeze your gardening. Embrace the cold season with confidence, knowing your outdoor space is cared for even during the frostiest days.

As the nights draw in and the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to start thinking about getting your garden ready for Winter.

From cutting back plants to collecting leaves, Gardena has all the tips and tools you need to prepare for the coming season.

Make the cut

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As winter approaches, it’s important to cut back plants and tidy up your garden. A variety of tools, such as the Garden Secateurs and the Tree and Pruning Lopper can make the job easier and more efficient. By lightly trimming back dead foliage and branches, you can help your plants stay healthy and strong during the colder months.

Gardena recommends:

– Cutting away loose or dying branches from trees.

– Cutting sick or dead sections from shrubs.

– Pruning evergreen hedges and overgrown climbers.

– Deadheading faded perennial plants like roses by cutting the stem just above the first leaf.

Turn fall chores into garden gold

As the trees shed their leaves, it can seem like a never-ending chore to rake and remove them. However, this is an important task as the leave coverage can suffocate grass and cause rot.

Instead of raking up fallen leaves and throwing them away, use it for compost or mulch. The Gardena Leaf and Lawn Collector, as well as the range of their rakes, make it easy to gather up leaves and turn them into valuable organic matter for your garden. Leaves can also be used as winter protection for frost-sensitive plant beds. Simply scatter the leaves over the beds and cover with a thin layer of earth to prevent the leaves from blowing away. By recycling your leaves in this way, you can help nourish the soil and promote healthy plant growth in the spring.

Give the lawn some love

Give the lawn a good cut before the first frost, ensuring that the height is between four and five centimetres. Taller blades are prone to fungal disease after frost damage, while shorter blades cannot protect grass roots from frost. Make sure you remove the cut grass from the lawn to allow light and air to circulate and prevent rot. Whether you have a small or large garden, Gardena’s range of robotic, battery and electric-powered lawn mowers are a great choice to get the job done.

Water wisely

Your garden needs less water in winter. Gardena recommends watering your garden early in the morning to allow the surface water to dry and the soil to warm up, reducing the risk of damage due to frost at night. Automated watering tools such as the Gardena Water Control Select irrigation system should be set to water less frequently at this time.

Keep things tidy

As autumn turns to winter, it’s important to stay on top of garden maintenance to ensure your outdoor space remains neat and tidy. Using our tips will keep your garden in good condition, make your winter work happier and ensure a fabulous garden revival in the spring.

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