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Great reasons to spend more time cooking with your kids…

With the rise of Junior Master Chef, Chopped Junior and Junior Bake-Off, it’s no wonder tots are rising to become tomorrow’s top chefs. Sheraine Lauterbach from Cookin Stores shares some great reasons to spend more time cooking with your kids:

Reading a recipe requires basic math skills like problem solving, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction (something we take for granted);

Cooking teaches accuracy and the importance of using the right proportions to yield a desired result;

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Cooking and baking require the ability to multi-task as well as discipline, understanding, patience and the ability to be able to follow instructions;

It aids in sensory development and teaches smell, colours, textures and tastes;

Reading ingredients enhances your child’s reading ability and broadens their vocabulary – allowing them to read menus at restaurants with ease;

It nurtures your little one’s freedom of artistic expression from prep to presentation – whether they are a Pollock or Picasso, allow them the freedom to play;

Exploring exotic dishes fosters an open-minded approach and cultural tolerance.

“Transform your kitchen into a culinary science class, filled with experiments where kids encounter the joy of how food can change in shape, colour, smell and texture. Become a magician and magically transform ingredients into beautiful creations right before their eyes. Patience and encouragement are two key factors that allow for little ones to harness an ‘I can do that’ attitude, which is a mindset that goes far beyond the kitchen. No outcome is ever a flop, it is an accomplishment of how your child takes on a task fearlessly tackles anything they put their mind to.”

Sheraine adds that the dreaded grocery shop can become a wonderful adventure, whizzing up and down aisles explaining why you are buying certain ingredients and not others. “Before you know it they will be policing you with what you place in your shopping cart! Grocery shopping grants an understanding and appreciation for budgeting, inspiring them to create healthy food at home in comparison to unhealthy instant food options. Being involved in the process will ensure a child doesn’t take it for granted when they are fed.

“At Cookin, we welcome hungry little tummies, open hearts and creative minds, allowing us to ignite their passion for cooking. We can also give them the kitchen confidence they need by educating them through the use of food-safe tools and gadgets, that are just right for little hands.” Details: Cookin Stores, Ballito Lifestyle Centre / www.cookinstores.co.za

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