Coffee . . . with benefits!


It’s absolutely packed to the brim with antioxidants and health benefits – and it helps you lose weight. This is one cup of coffee you want to have!

Why do you drink coffee? Is it the flavour, the caffeine kick, or just the simple pleasure you get from a comforting ‘cuppa joe’? Well, fans and consumers of Girl Boss Health coffee will tell you they drink their coffee for all of the above reasons . . . plus so many more.

Founded by North Coast-based best friends Candice Wallis and Lee-Ann Sanders, Girl Boss coffee has revolutionised the way many people view their ‘daily dose’. Instead of a guilty treat, this all-natural, vegan and gluten-free coffee has been carefully formulated to include a load of antioxidants and polyphenols which help with slimming and anti-ageing. Impressed?

Even more impressive though, is the fact that this ‘wonder product’ was created by two hard-working, entrepreneurial moms determined to make their new business venture a success.

Candice, owner of the popular La Belle Vie skin and beauty salon in Durban North for the past 13 years, and Lee-Anne, who owns an eco-lodge with her husband, as well as an online stationery business, are also each moms to two young daughters.  “Our children are our absolute priority. We wanted to start a business that would free up our time and allow us to be there when our kids need us,” says Lee-Ann, who recently relocated back to Umdloti after living in the Transkei.

It didn’t start with just the coffee, though. Candice and Lee-Ann’s online endeavours began when they launched a beauty product business called Trend Revolution. “We wanted to create an online portal which would give South Africans access to top quality trending health and beauty products from around the world without the worry of customs and delivery,” says Candice. “We started with just seven products, and slimming coffee was one of them.” The website started doing well and the coffee was by far the biggest seller. They realised they were onto something big and worked hard to push the brand and concept for over a year. But then everything came to halt when the SA Medicines Control Council put restrictions in place that prevented them for importing the coffee due to its Garcinia Cambogia content.

“We had worked so hard and didn’t want to give up, so we decided to create our own new branded product – and make it even better quality. Then everything just aligned and we met the right people to help us create our product.”

Working with a master bio-chemist based in Ballito, Lee-Ann says they spent a long time working on the taste of the product, which includes incredible (and difficult to source) ingredients like purple tea extract, which is known for its slimming and disease-fighting benefits.

“I knew that if we believed and tried hard enough, we could make it happen. We put a lot of time and research into making Girl Boss coffee into what we knew it could be. We had to figure out what ingredients worked well together and we wanted to ensure that our product was better than any others out there. Our coffee is not cheap (the 21-day programme is R480), but it’s so full of amazing antioxidants and ingredients with over 60 incredible health benefits, it’s worth it.”

Benefits include increased collagen and moisture levels in your skin, enhancement of fat metabolism, prevention of fat absorption, anti-allergy and anti-inflamatory effects, lowering your blood sugar levels and improved energy.
Girl Boss coffee is not a ‘miracle weight loss’ product, Lee-Ann says, but it contains ingredients that are natural appetite suppressants. The 21-day programme also comes with a simple workout and nutrition plan. “We have had some amazing results, especially with moms wanting to ‘shed the baby weight’, and people love the taste!”

Girl Boss Health coffee is not just about a great product – the entire brand is vibey, on-trend and perfect for the ‘millennial mom’ rushing from one place to the next. And it’s all down to the determination of these two dynamic women.
“We had to stop our number one selling product just as our online business was starting to do well, and it nearly broke us. But, when one door closes another one opens. We just had to trust the process, work hard (often at night after the kids were in bed) and never compromise on the quality of the product we wanted to produce.”


Text: Leah Shone | Photos: Sammy de Robillard,