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Mount Edgecombe mother Keshia Naidoo, like many of us, got a little too comfortable spending the entire day behind her computer wearing frumpy workout gear during hard lockdown. This was the inspiration behind her launching a comfy and super trendy ‘mommy and me’ clothing range called MamaMiya.

There is something incredibly adorable about a mom and little kids wearing matching clothing – especially when it’s fun, funky and super comfy.
Keshia works in corporate during the day and then runs her blog and new clothing business at night. She’s a self-confessed A-type personality, a qualified accountant and MBA graduate and even an anti-money laundering compliance specialist. She is also a mom to her two-and-a-half year old daughter, Miya.

Keshia says she was inspired to create a ready-to-wear range of clothing for moms during level 5 lockdown last year. “Like many other working moms, I was at home behind my laptop working day in and day out in my gym clothes – the easiest and most comfortable clothing to work in. When restrictions eased, I still found myself resorting to running to the shops in my new gym ‘work wear’, sometimes with Miya in tow, feeling frumpy and not at all how I should be feeling while in gym clothes.”
After doing some research online and searching for comfortable, urban-styled matching mom and kids clothing, Keshia couldn’t find anything that she liked.

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“I was looking for something with fun sayings and slogans, but couldn’t find anything locally that didn’t require me having to get it made specifically for me. I do most of my shopping online and I realised that if I was looking for something like this then surely there would be other moms who would appreciate them too. The range looks cool, feels comfortable and is so easy to wear that it takes the ‘time and effort’ away from having to decide what to wear to the shop, a picnic or a birthday party.”

Super stylish … Keshia and her daughter Miya

Drawing inspiration from a book she was reading at the time, Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’, Keshia says she decided to follow her heart and went for it. “I researched and sampled, manufacturing and importing from China as the lockdown restrictions eased and, although it would have worked out cheaper to go this route, I decided to support local, reinvest in our beautiful country and make this a proudly South African brand. Every bit of the range is sourced and manufactured locally in Durban.”

The MamaMiya launch range consists of t-shirt dresses for moms (sizes S – XL) with matching t-shirt dresses for little girls or unisex t-shirts for little boys or girls. The range starts from around 1/2 year olds up to 6/7 year olds. There are five different colours with unique slogans as well as limited edition matching mom and daughter leather earrings.
“Our range will definitely evolve and change as we test the market and establish the popular sets to keep them as standard offerings. I’m also working on collaborations with local manufacturers to enhance the accessory offerings.”

Launching the MamaMiya range is about more than just selling clothes for Keshia, though. “There are many things that we as parents wish for our children, and one that is of paramount importance to me is to create and leave behind a legacy for my little girl. Not necessarily a monetary legacy, but a legacy of knowledge. Knowledge that her mama was doing and being the best version of herself on a daily basis and that she was the driving force of inspiration behind everything!”

Details: Shop online at and follow Keshia on @Moms_2_rebels on

Text: Leah Shone

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