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Seven healthy, affordable food options for your child’s lunch box

Now that school holidays are over, and it’s time to get back into the normal routine, why not use this opportunity to get on top of the daily lunch box schlep. 

Take the stress out of your mornings and reduce the food bill with these healthy, quick and easy lunch box fillers: 

  • Dairy delights: Yoghurt, cheese and milk give your child a much-needed protein, calcium and essential Vitamins boost. Try to stay away from sweetened yoghurts and opt for Greek or Bulgarian varieties instead. If you’re feeling bougie, add a couple of berries on top.   
  • Go back to basics: A good old peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread provides carbohydrates and healthy fats and is always a quick and easy meal. Choose a reduced sugar and salt peanut butter where possible. 
  • Brain boosters:   A whole wheat sandwich with a filling of Omega-3 rich fish such as pilchards or mackerel provides carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats for brain function.
  • Stylish veggies: Carrot and cucumber sticks with a hummus dip gives your child a high-fibre, Vitamin-rich serving of fresh veg as well as protein from the chickpeas. TIP: Making your own hummus is super easy and cheaper than buying the ready-made option. 
  • Eggcellent snack: Didn’t have time for breakfast? Add a boiled egg with a little salt and pepper into the lunch box for a protein kick that also provides a dose of iodine, which plays a role in brain development and thyroid function.
  • Wrap it up: Beans in a whole wheat wrap is a great way to provide both carbohydrate and protein at the same time. Add in some roasted sweet potato, avocado, a little chillli and some parsley to give it added flavour and goodness. 
  • Fruity hydration: Water should always be the first choice to keep hydrated throughout the day. Make it fun, by adding strawberries, lemon or orange slices for extra flavour. 

Need more ideas? Visit the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) for more inspiration.

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