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A teacher, they say, “takes a hand, opens a mind and touches the a heart.” The North Coast boasts some of the best pre-primary, primary and high schools in the province – but they certainly wouldn’t be where they are without the dedication and passion of these wonderful teachers.

There is great demand for students entering the fields of architecture, structural, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, as well as building and construction. Mr Trevin Munsamy, the senior Engineering and Graphics and Design teacher at Crawford North Coast, ensures that his Grade 12 students consistently perform well above the national IEB average and as a cohort produce distinction averages, making them the ideal candidates in these fields. Students describe Mr Munsamy as a committed and dedicated teacher whose faith in their competence inspires them to always strive to do better. He creates a sense of community and belonging in his classroom. As a mentor to his students, Mr Munsamy’s advice has always been, “Listen more than you speak, and lead a balanced life. Make sure you study, learn and play. Enjoy time with family and friends.” Details: 032 943 3240; [email protected]; www.crawfordinternational.co.za; IG: @crawford_northcoast; FB: Crawford International North Coast

Sandy Erasmus is a well-known educational leader in Ballito having served the community at a school in the area for 13 years. Reddam House Ballito welcomed her to their family in January 2022 as Deputy Head of the junior primary school. Her passion for growing young minds and creating a space in which students can thrive and learn is an inspiration to her staff. She leads her team by fostering a collaborative environment where all teachers’ strengths are nurtured. Sandy’s considerable energy and vitality make the junior primary a vibrant learning space. Details: 031 140 8808, [email protected], www.ballito.reddamhouse.com,
IG: @reddamballito; FB: reddamhouseballito

Yolisa Mkhize believes that teachers hold a huge responsibility to help young people think and feel positively about themselves, about life and the future. “In a world that is constantly changing and shifting, our purpose as educators remains consistent – to make the future generation realise and embrace their potential,” she says. Besides teaching Grade Four, Yolisa also runs the senior primary’s charity club, the 67 Club. Every Friday afternoon, Yolisa and her students get together to plan on how to give back, raise awareness and volunteer in efforts to better the school and community.
Details: 031 140 8808, [email protected], www.ballito.reddamhouse.com, IG: @reddamballito; FB: reddamhouseballito

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