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Making space for gratitude

Newly-weds, best friends and business partners, Kim and Matt Jones have launched a gratitude journal designed especially for children.

Currently based on the North Coast, Kim and Matt say they are captivated by the ocean and the lifestyle near the beautiful Umhlanga promenade. Kim was born in Johannesburg and spent some time in Durban before returning to complete her studies in communications and design at the University of Witwatersrand. Matt describes himself as a true Umhlanga resident, having grown up in the area.

The couple met during one of Kim’s visits to Durban from Joburg on a night out. “It was a chance but magical encounter,” says Kim. “During that time, I was supporting my family as my mother had just been diagnosed with cancer. Matt and I found we shared many similarities and visions, starting a friendship that soon blossomed into a relationship. We shared many dreams of building and growing together, especially within the marketing, yoga, and hospitality space.”
Both Matt and Kim have a keen interest in marketing, so starting a business together made perfect sense. They say working together has been a dream and they’ve managed to strike a great balance. “It’s something we always dreamed of since we met,” says Kim. “We love the fact that we get to grow our creative skills and build something to share with our children one day.”

The idea of Little Steps Big Wins journal was founded and created by Kim’s mother, Anjil Naidoo. “She brought my vision to life based on the Japanese concept of Kaizen,” Kim explains. “This concept of small, incremental changes in everyday life allows for more significant changes in the long run. Each page was designed, created and put together by us, so you see a part of us on every page.”

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Kim and Matt both enjoy yoga and explain that gratitude practice is an important part of yogic culture. “It’s a tool used by many to foster positive change in their day. Starting our days with gratitude enables us to carry positivity into our days, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes,” says Kim.

The couple hopes their gratitude journals will help initiate mindset shifts from an early age. “In a world filled with ‘noise’ from digital distractions and social media, these journals encourage kids to put down iPads and phones, fostering real moments with parents and themselves,” they explain. “They teach and aid emotional regulation, better habit tracking, and daily check-ins.”

They believe that children’s mental health is incredibly important, especially in a world that is so consumed by online data, distractions and pressure. Giving kids the opportunity to write allows them to navigate emotions and situations in a safe and productive way.
Kim and Matt are working on translating the journals into other South African official languages, with four editions set to launch later this year. “The journey of creating this book from my mom’s vision is beyond a blessing, and we relish the gift of working with our family,” says Kim.

Details: You can purchase the journals for your kids on www.changeforgoodkids.com or pledge them to schools and students in underprivileged areas.

Text: Jennifer Campbell Photographs: Captures by Talia

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