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Protecting our oceans, one tear at a time…

In 2015, Clare Swithenbank-Bowman, a surfer, rescue diver, and dedicated ocean lover, founded the non-profit company (NPC) Litter4tokens with Dorreen Yengwa at Ithemba Labasha’s in Shakas Head.

What began as a personal mission to help feed the local community, clean up and protect our ocean, evolved into a global movement with a profound impact on combating ALL ocean pollution. Now, there are 22 Litter4tokens sites in South Africa and the sister foundation Trash4tokens has launched in the USA and Mexico.

Thanks to the funding and support from the President Stimulus fund it enabled Litter4tokens to employ and empower another 856 collectors. Also helping increase exposure and collect over 267 kg’s in total of Nurdles across the country and during the Ballito Pro in 2023 saving our ocean and marine life. The Mermaid Tear Catcher initiative has been instrumental in addressing the pervasive issue of plastic nurdles (Mermaid Tears) found in our river systems and on beaches all over the country, educating and cleaning up at the same time.

The Mermaid Tear Catcher: A Frisbee with Purpose

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In the pursuit of a cleaner and healthier ocean, Clare took innovation to new heights with the creation of the ‘Mermaid Tear Catcher’ – a frisbee that transcends the boundaries of conventional beach fun. More than just a recreational item, this ingenious invention serves a dual purpose, blending playfulness with a scientific approach to beach clean-up.

Crafted with precision and purpose, the Mermaid Tear Catcher boasts strategically placed holes designed to sift through microplastics, acting as a barrier that prevents harmful nurdles from infiltrating our precious oceans. Made from ocean-bound plastic all products go to supporting more bags collected by the Litter4tokens collectors daily closing the loop on circularity.

Beyond its environmental impact, this innovative frisbee is a proud supporter of the Litter4tokens campaign, adding a layer of consciousness to the act of play. To further engage the community in the fight against plastic pollution, Litter4tokens has strategically placed collection drums along the South African coastline. These drums provide a tangible and convenient solution for individuals to deposit the nurdles they collect as they can’ t be disposed of in normal bins or recycling bins. The ongoing competition associated with the campaign allows participants to win incredible prizes by capturing and logging their discoveries of ‘mermaid tears’ through photos on their dedicated platform: www.litter4tokens.org

Individuals: Purchase Mermaid Tear Catchers (MTCs) directly from Litter4Tokens by visiting www.litter4tokens.org
Retailers: Buy Branded batches of MTCs and sell them to the public with your sponsored logo. Litter4Tokens requires a minimum order of 500.
Companies: Sponsor MTCs for schools and local clubs, encourage residents to participate in beach clean-ups when visiting the shore or as part of community-driven initiatives or sponsor Nurdle Trommels for beach clean-ups.
Businesses, Individuals, Manufacturers:
Redirect CSR, ESG and EPR funding to Litter4Tokens each month for CO2 offset data and social impact reporting. Monthly reports and Tax certificates are provided to funders for transparent impact assessment.
Contribute to Research: Record your nurdle collection results at www.litter4tokens.org to contribute to research on the impact of microplastics on the marine environment. This data is sent to FIDRA The Global Nurdle foundation.

Join the Movement !
Be a part of the solution to preserve our oceans for future generations. Delve deeper into Litter4tokens and order a Mermaid Tear Catcher, visit www.litter4tokens.org
Facebook and Instagram: @litter4tokens
Enquiries: [email protected]


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