Staying healthy and happy


A dedicated family man, former professional rugby player and property expert Pat Lambie absolutely loves the North Coast lifestyle. We chatted to him about how he maintains a balance and keeps wellness a priority.

Daily movement is an important part of Pat’s routine. He fully embraces the North Coast lifestyle by walking his springer spaniel Wallace, trail running and surfing, while also making time for watt biking and body weight workouts at home. For Pat, exercise is about more than fitness – it’s essential for his mental health too. “I feel like a better person, I’m more productive at work and a better husband and father at home when I have had my exercise fix,” he says. “A little bit of exercise every day is better than a handful of big, long, hard sessions each week.”

He admits that for people with busy schedules, it can be hard to prioritise exercise, but finding a balance is key. “There is enough time in the day for everything,” he says. “Setting aside some time to exercise helps me to be more proactive about it.”
When it comes to nutrition, Pat admits that he absolutely loves food. “I’ve always had a big appetite,” he says. “In order to eat a lot, keeping a balanced and varied eating plan is always the aim. No diets, just everything in moderation.” Some of his favourite meals include eggs and oats for breakfast; wraps and salads for lunch; and pastas and chicken and vegetables for supper.

Pat is currently building a home at Seaton Estate, which he hopes to complete later this year. He’s looking forward to exploring the walking trails and beach with his family, and taking advantage of the lap pool, gym and other amenities on his doorstep. “We see ourselves taking full advantage of living at Christmas Bay Beach,” he says. “With active young boys, I am sure we will spend endless hours amongst all the various sports facilities.”

Text: Jennifer Campbell
Photographs: Mbali mpofu, rainmaker marketing