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Every parent hopes for a well-rounded, healthy and happy child. On the North Coast, we are blessed with some amazing professionals who help our little ones to thrive…

MR ANDRE BUYS – CEO of Ashton International College In 1998, Andre started Ashton International College with a clear vision based on the school’s current motto: “Excellence belongs to the Zealous”. The school is renowned on the North Coast for its character, courage, vision and most exceptional level of education. As education evolves, the team at Ashton strives to ensure dynamic learning is extended and maintained throughout the IEB and Cambridge curriculums. Andre is grateful for his team of teachers and staff who share his heart, goals and vision for the school. He is proud of the school’s offerings in sport, culture and academics, and the fact that each student that enters the campus has the potential to positively benefit themselves, their school and the community.

MRS BELINDA BOUCHER – Head of the Senior College at Ashton International College
Belinda believes that it’s crucial to equip students with skills for the modern world while navigating the evolving education landscape. Belinda and her team are dedicated to this mission, preparing students for a future of rapid technological advancements and globalisation. They prioritise critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability through a diverse curriculum, offering IEB or Cambridge International Curriculum options. Recognising each student’s uniqueness, Belinda offers personalised support for her students’ success. Beyond academics, her team focuses on holistic development, nurturing intellectual, emotional, and social growth through extracurricular activities. She believes that studying at Ashton Ballito offers a world-class education, essential life skills, and a promising future. Details: [email protected]

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JANINE PRETORIUS – Cambridge Exam Officer at Ashton International College
Cambridge qualifications are highly esteemed by leading universities worldwide, offering Ashton students a gateway to diverse opportunities and Janine is proud to be part of this offering. These qualifications equip students with essential skills for success in higher education and beyond, fostering critical thinking, research proficiency, and deep subject knowledge. Cambridge’s assessments are meticulously designed to be fair, valid, and reliable, providing an accurate reflection of students’ abilities. Ashton International College Ballito students undertake IGCSE exams in Form 3 and AS-Level exams in Form 4, with support from Cambridge in exam administration and resources. Notably, Ashton students excelled in various subjects during the October/November 2023 series, showcasing the exceptional teaching quality at the College. Details: [email protected]

MR JONATHAN MATTHEWS – IEB Examinations Officer at Ashton International College
Jonathan Matthews is the IEB Examinations Officer at Ashton International College in Ballito. He believes that the IEB curriculum at Ashton International College Ballito offers exceptional training programs and workshops for educators, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Participation in IEB conferences enhances an educator’s ability to provide students with a platform to reach their academic potential. With the use of portal software endorsed by the IEB, Jonathan and his team support students with accommodations, promoting inclusivity in assessments. The IEB’s commitment to quality education shapes future leaders, and Jonathan believes that embracing this advantage at Ashton International College Ballito ensures a world of educational excellence. Details: [email protected]

MS NIKKI HAMANN – Head of the Junior College at Ashton International College
‘Uniquely Different’ is the focus of the Ashton Junior College as Nikki and her team aim to offer the children an exceptional learning environment. They provide a support system that allows children to grow and develop into confident, independent thinkers. Every grade, from Grade one to seven, has a fully-qualified teacher who forms part of the teaching and learning process. In Grade one, two and three, the studio teachers enrich the students learning experience through ‘Studio Time’ where the class is taken on a creative journey where facts and figures are brought to life! From Grade four to seven, the studio teacher forms part of lessons in a support or extension capacity. Details: [email protected] 

MRS GERMARE BUYS – Head of the Ashlings at Ashton International College
The Ashlings Early Learning Centre is a place where giggles and boundless energy constantly fill every corner of the classrooms and playgrounds. As the proud principal, Germare is thrilled to be part of the vibrant educational journey that her team provides children from Grade 0000 to Grade R. Her team of qualified educators, supported by dedicated teaching assistants, foster a harmonious and holistic blend of learning and play, laying a strong foundation for formal education in the foundation phase. In the Ashlings, the curriculum is a delightful mix of play-based learning and specialised sessions in music, drumming, robotics, computers, physical education and swimming. The unique approach ensures that every child blossoms in a nurturing environment. Details: [email protected]

MRS SUE BOOYSEN AND MRS KATHY FAUL– Remedial therapists at Ashton International College
Children may experience difficulties in their learning and understanding of educational content or skills for various reasons. Remediation is a process aimed at addressing these gaps in their skills, which usually involves developmental challenges in literacy and numeracy. At Ashton International College, Sue and Kathy offer a remedial therapy programme that focuses on addressing these barriers in a one-on-one therapist-child setting. Each programme is uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual, allowing students to thrive confidently in the schooling environment. It helps them to understand and work on their difficulties in a secure and creative learning environment. Details: [email protected]

MRS DEIDRE HULETT– IT Manager at Ashton International College
Students at Ashton have the opportunity to attend lessons in one of eight dedicated computer labs. Deidre and her team of teachers deliver lessons from Lego Six Bricks, Coding and Robotics, offering the possibility of competing in the World Robotics Olympiad. Computer Literacy lessons are offered from Ashlings to Form two. A student may then select IT as one of three IT Matric subjects. To enhance the student’s learning experience at Ashton there are smart boards and panels in the classrooms and VR is being introduced as a featured technology. Microsoft Teams is available for students who need to liaise with their teachers online. Deidre and her team provide technical support to all systems, software and hardware. Details: [email protected]

MR GREGG HOWARD – Head of Sport at Ashton International College
Ashton continuously expands its sport offerings throughout the school year, fostering a dynamic and vibrant environment for students. Gregg and his team value sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork, and time management. On his team, Gregg has coaches who play and coach at provincial and national level. This brings a new outlook to the coaching philosophy, which contributes to their success. Gregg likes to build positive relationships with other schools, promoting respect and camaraderie on the sports fields. The diverse range of sporting codes at Ashton is supported by top-notch facilities, including an FIH indoor hockey arena, astroturf, rugby fields, heated swimming pool, cricket nets, tennis, basketball and netball courts, athletics track and a new multipurpose field under construction. Details: [email protected]

Based in Salt Rock, The Treehouse Learning Centre offers a unique learning environment for children with learning challenges and those on the Autism Spectrum. We support learners between the ages of 8 and 13. All learning takes place within a small group and one-to-one context, with a maximum of 5 children per tutor, and facilitator where necessary. The classroom is a calm, nurturing space with blends into its backdrop of trees and outdoor play areas. Exploring the outdoors and movement breaks are a source of joy to the children. “We believe our special learners thrive when they feel loved and secure and our aim to facilitate each child in achieving their full academic potential”. For more info please visit our website: www.treehouselearning.co.za

ANNALIZE GOULD – Speech and Language Therapist
Speech and language therapy forms a vital part of many school-going children’s education, since effective communication on many levels is crucial for academic success. Whether it is speech, language, reading, spelling, expressive writing, reading comprehension or auditory processing that your child battles with, Annalize and her team will assess and advise on the most effective path to remediate your child’s difficulties. Annalize starts working with children as young as two years old as she understands that early intervention results in the best possible outcome. Her team has also come to realise that often a ‘wait and see’ approach does not allow for difficulties to be addressed early.
079 378 0088; [email protected]
FB: Annalize Gould Speech and Language Therapy IG: annalizegouldspeechtherapy

CARLA DE BRITO – Head of Boarding at Crawford International North Coast
It has been six months since the highly-experienced Carla started her new position at the first-class boarding facilities at Crawford North Coast. With an impressive 25-year career behind her (including 15 years in boarding at Pecanwood College), she has certainly made her mark quickly in her new role. “I love being at Crawford North Coast. Our boarding girls and boys (grades 5-12) are so fortunate to have their own individual rooms, as well as to live and study on such a safe campus in an incredible location! The children are getting a world-class education and I’m so honoured to be part of ensuring their boarding school years are happy and memorable,” she says.
Details: www.crawfordinternational.co.za;
032 943 3240; [email protected]; IG: @crawford_northcoast;
FB: Crawford International North Coast

SAMUEL GOVENDER – IT, Mathematics Teacher and Management Team Member
at Crawford International North Coast
Samuel has been teaching information technology for the last 18 years. The subject has become a sought-after elective with a 2023 matric average of 87%. IT has a theoretical aspect but there is a major focus on the programming skills and honing student’s critical and computational thinking skills. Samuel is passionate about empowering students with these skills for a world driven by data centrism. “The use of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) is the backbone of information systems for every sector. With AI being the new buzzword and technology improving, it’s vital that students be informed and learn skills to be a part of this evolution,” he says. Details: www.crawfordinternational.co.za; 032 943 3240; [email protected]; IG: @crawford_northcoast;
FB: Crawford International North Coast

ANELE NCANE – School Counsellor at Crawford International North Coast
Anele Ncane is a life orientation teacher, school counsellor, and accommodations coordinator who embraces days that are diverse and fulfilling. Outside of being in class, she also offers individual counselling, assists students set academic goals, and guides them on higher education and career paths. As an accommodations coordinator, Anele ensures students with learning barriers access necessary resources and exam concessions. Integrating these roles, Anele supports holistic student development, emphasising emotional and personal growth alongside academics. As she puts it so beautifully, “I find joy in working in a nurturing environment that caters not only to the students’ academic needs but also to their emotional and personal development.” Details: www.crawfordinternational.co.za;
032 943 3240; [email protected]; IG: @crawford_northcoast;
FB: Crawford International North Coast

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