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Shelf Warehouse Company – leaders in company registrations

Shelf Warehouse Company – leaders in company registrations

Specialising in high volume, low-cost new company registration and the sale of shelf companies and aged shelf companies online, Shelf Company Warehouse in Bloemfontein Free State, truly lives up to its name.

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With more than 50 staff members and 11 branches nationwide, Shelf Company Warehouse is used exclusively by South African banks, public companies, attorneys and auditors, accounting professionals and members of the public. Its directors and associates are attorneys, auditors, master tax practitioners and legal advisors. Shelf Company Warehouse is  regarded as industry leaders in company registrations, delivering an easy and quick company registration experience.


The Shelf Company Warehouse has been rated the top CIPRO and CIPC agent every year since 1998, with more than 600 000 new company and close corporation registrations in the last 20 years.

Shelf Company Warehouse specialises in high volume, low-cost registrations, with services including:

  • Registering profit companies, private, public and personal liability
  • Sharing block companies
  • External companies
  • Non-profit companies
  • Special resolutions
  • Restoration of deregistered companies and CCs
  • Tax registrations (Tax, VAT, PAYE, and import/ export).


Shelf Company Warehouse also drafts custom memorandums of incorporations for:

  • Private and public companies
  • Home owners’ associations
  • Share block companies (incorporating the Share Block Control Act and Property Time Sharing Control Act, if applicable).


Complete registration services of Shelf Company Warehouse registrations include:

  • Completed company register
  • Meeting minutes
  • Share certificates

For more details, contact Shelf Company Warehouse in Bloemfontein on 051-430-2297 or visit their offices at 62 Kellner Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein, 9301.


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