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Innovative teaching and distance learning by Edulife

The Edulife Group will be introducing an innovative teaching product, namely Edulife Distance Learning this week. This distance-teaching leg supports three schools in the Edulilfe Group: Academy of Excellence, Vista Junior Academy and Olive Ridge School by making use of the compiled knowledge of teachers in the group of schools.

Debbie van Wyk, principal of Olive Ridge School and co-ordinator of Edulife Distance Learning, told Get It that distance education by Edulife Distance Learning makes provision for learners from Grade R – Grade 12 to enter the programme at any time of the year, in their language of choice. This enables parents to register their children for distance education by a registered education institution while children are not able to or do not want to return to school.

She further said that the distance education comprises e-commerce, online classes and contact sessions at home, as well as work sets for learners, monitoring of progress, proof of progress, report of progress and regular feedback. The curriculum is CAPS and the method of teaching is discussed with every learner and parent in an interview before commencement of teaching. The teaching plan and method are compiled in such a manner that every parent and learner’s specific educational need is addressed. This means that should a learner have no access to internet, he/she will still be able to engage in this distance-learning program. It also means that should a working parent not have time to assist a learner with assessment or proof of work done, a registered and qualified teacher from the Edulife Group schools, will support the learner. Tariffs are affordable and tailor-made for everybody’s individual circumstances.

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Edulife Distance Learning has been available from 1 June 2020. The impact of this method of distance education will enable learners to continue with their academic career, to catch up and to improve at the same time. A learner or parent can also offer this proof of progress to any school when the learner or parent decides to make use again of contact education at any school.

“We strive to provide you and your working family with a suitable and affordable teaching experience, which is completely suitable for individual circumstances” – Hansie Engelbrecht – CEO Edulife Group.

“We are very excited about the uniqueness of the distance education leg of the Edulife Group, about the fact that it is tailor-made to accommodate every child in order for them to achieve their maximum potential. It is a fantastic solution for parents who are careful about sending their children back to school.”  Willie Havenga – Academic Principal and previous Excecutive Head of Curro Bloemfontein.

“The advantage of Edulife Distance Learning is the large amount of qualified teachers whose knowledge and experience are available to the learners.”  Debbie van Wyk – Principal of Olive Ridge School and co-ordinator of Edulife Distance Learning.

Contact Edulife Distance Learning for more information on [email protected] or phone 051 492 4847.


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