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The birds and the bees …

Don’t panic … we’re not about to give you ‘the talk’. We’re sharing apps, books, facts and treats that have to do with these marvellous creatures

Have you ever spotted a bird and wished you had your bird book nearby? We know we have. We may not carry our bird book around but if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to be in our back pocket wherever we go, it’s our phone. That’s why the new app, BirdPro, is so handy. It’ll help you to identify and find out more about birds and their calls, and it’s not just for amateurs, we’re sure birding enthusiasts will find something to learn too … like the names of birds in 16 languages. It’s said to be a ground-breaking app and it won the Most Innovative Solution for 2020 in the MTN Business App of the Year Awards. Even better, it proves local really is lekker as it was developed by Linden resident, Herman van den Berg. Details: Download BirdPro on the App Store.


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The 2020 lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic was bound to make many of us feel a little grumpy at some point, but wildlife photographer Lynne Wilde didn’t quite expect to find a grumpy-looking crested barbet in her Bryanston garden. When she could no longer ignore his ‘insistent calls’, she decided to feed and photograph him, and she named him Grumpy Crestie. She let her imagination run wild with what he would say if he could speak a language like English, and so she began to capture his daily antics and post them on a local Facebook group. Her posts made many smile, and it wasn’t long before Grumpy Crestie had built such a strong fan base that Lynne decided he needed his own Facebook and Instagram pages. She continued to document photographs and a daily diary of the bird and his bride, Lady Chatterly, and fans lapped up the posts. To end off last year, Grumpy Crestie’s photos and antics were compiled into a colourful, witty and downright amusing 120-page book – terrific for your coffee table and to take your mind off even more lockdown restrictions in 2021. Order the book online and have it delivered to your door. R299. Details: You’ll find the link to order the book on the Grumpy Crestie Facebook page, and you can follow @grumpycrestie on Instagram too.


There’s a reason we say ‘as busy as a bee’…

Bees are awfully busy creatures, especially in the summertime. The gardening app Candide started the #PolliNationSA movement to encourage South Africans to grow bee-friendly plants.

Here are 10 things you can do to help the busy bees…

  1. Plant a veggie and fruit garden … even in a small patch.
  2. Place pebbles and rocks in a shallow plate of water outside in the shade.
  3. Plant a variety of flowers that last from early Spring to late Autumn in clumps so bees can find them easily.
  4. Use bee-friendly pesticides and natural remedies like vinegar, Epsom salt and essential oils.
  5. Support organic farmers rather than farming methods that use pesticides.
  6. Buy raw honey from local beekeepers … it’s more nutritious than some of the types of honey bought in stores which can be processed, pasteurised and loaded with added sugars.
  7. Help solitary bees by setting up a Candide Solitary Bee Hotel in your garden. It’s a rectangular piece of wood with a few holes of different sizes bored into it to mimic the natural breeding nests to attract solitary bees. R240 from candide.co.za
  8. Square off a section of your lawn that can grow wild and free as bees don’t like lawn without flowers.
  9. Don’t weed your garden as some – like dandelions – can be a great source of food for bees.
  10. Stay still if a bee is around or lands on you – it’s probably just trying to see if you have any nectar and will most likely fly away. Learn to love these creatures.

Check out the #PolliNationSA campaign by downloading the free Candide App on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Details: candide.co.za

‘Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey,’ so The Searchers sang, and the Darling Sweet Raw Veld Flower Honey has us singing all sorts of sweet nothings. R140 for 500g. Details: darlingsweet.co.za

If you’re looking for a way to moisturise and strengthen your hair while getting the frizz and tangles under control (hands up those who holidayed in humid KZN), try Crème of Nature’s Moisture Replenish & Strength Hair Mask. It uses natural ingredients of pure honey, coconut oil and shea butter. R199.95 from Clicks and Dis-Chem. Details:
@cremeofnature_sa on Instagram

Keep your lips happy while wearing a mask
Wearing a mask can cause dry lips from the friction of fabric against the skin … but we have a way to fix it. Choose a lip balm with soothing and hydrating ingredients, such as Burt’s Bees Moisturising Lip Balms. And, they have a fruity new flavour you simply have to try! The Mango Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm nourishes and smooths for happily hydrated lips. One taste of this natural, fruity flavour and your lips will love you with a passion. Around R67 from Dis-Chem. Explore the complete range of Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm flavours here.


 ‘A slice of pecan pie in a glass of Jack’ … this is how the master distiller describes Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. It has a light sweet-honeyed aroma with that Jack Daniels classic sugary charcoal fragrance. When the ban on alcohol lifts, try it with lemonade, dry lemon or on the rocks. Around R279 for 750ml. Details: jackdaniels.com/en-za

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