Floral artist Chané Moffat of BLOM in Dan Pienaar creates pure magic with flowers. Here
Get It quizzes her about her floral mastery and her most beloved of ‘pastimes’, being a mother to Luke…

What do you love most about working with flowers?

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The pure joy… imagine working with a medium that makes people smile, fall in love, or celebrate special days with. I profoundly blessed to work with flowers. I especially love doing floral installations for weddings – the challenge and the thrill of transforming a space into a wonder world.

Tell us about Chané the child, the teen, and the adult.

The child was carefree, happy to spend time alone in nature, and a dreamer. The teen was competitive in sport and obsessed with pink and butterflies. The adult – pretty much like the child, still drawing from nature, yet a little wiser, content… happier I’d say.

You’re a mother to almost two-year-old Luke. What has your experience of motherhood been like thus far?

You can’t plan or prepare for it! Yet, isn’t that what the best things in life are like – unscripted, exciting and ever changing… an adventure of a lifetime! Once a day I try to make him laugh out really loud, and once a day I try to hold eye contact with him – long enough to make him know that he is seen and loved.

Did you always dream of becoming a mother?

To be honest – I dreamt about businesses and travel. Looking back, I’m thankful that God knew what I needed, more than I did! Motherhood is the biggest gift I never knew how to ask for! It’s an honour, actually.

How do you unwind after a long, hard day?

Pajamas and loads of candles.

What’s in your future?

I dream (and plan) of using flowers as a tool and a platform to uplift and inspire women – the destination is hearts, the vehicle is flowers.

What is your secret to being a respected florist?

Consistency and passion. True passion cannot be extinguished no matter how many times you have done the same thing over and over again. A decade later and I still get excited about the fresh blooms delivered on a Thursday morning. I still fall in love with the weddings we have the privilege to be a part of.

Who inspires you?

My mom, the lady who taught me almost everything I know – not only in life, but also in business. She has zeal like no other, climbs mountains, and leaves a sparkle of joy wherever she goes. She’s always helping someone out, and I love her for that. Oh, and she taught me the botanical names of flowers since I was a little girl; just like her mom did. We have a lineage of flower (BLOM)-hearted generations!

Do you have any healthy living tips, considering how super-slim you are.

One word – toddler! I also try to steal tips from my health food friend, Leona Kot, and an added bonus is that Luke loves her recipes. Do yourself a favour and follow her at saltandlight.co.za on Instagram.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

I still believe in true love.

How would the person who knows you best describe you, and how would you describe yourself?

We’ll have to ask my best friend, Ronel le Roux. We share 13 years of friendship – a sisterhood really!

I would describe myself as true to the meaning of my name, which means oak-hearted. I’m deeply rooted in Christ, my heart comes alive in autumn, and the storms of life taught me I’m stronger than I ever knew.

What is your earliest memory?

Most of my early memories are connected with what I was wearing. I remember the clothes I was wearing with some of my happiest memories… playing Red Rover with my cousins I was wearing a pink shirt with an orange snail on. Eating hotdogs in the garden, I was wearing a red polka dot short. No wonder I decided to study Fashion Design.

Lastly, what is the name and make of your stunning red lipstick?

It’s from Stila, and it’s called Beso Shimmer.

Find BLOM at 30 Louw Wepener Street, Dan Pienaar; visit blom.weddings.online on Instagram; or email [email protected]

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