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A soft look for strong moms

Kryolan Professional makeup is extremely versatile. From the newest make up fanatic to the most seasoned pro, anyone can find their easy to use favourites. Kryolan Free State has prepared a step by step soft glam look for moms, giving moms some time for themselves and more time to spend with their families.

Kryolan Free State Makeup artist Chanelle Olivier created this soft glam make up look. The look, as with any make up is only as good as the foundation on which it is built.

Step 1 in your look is about preparing your clean, moisturised skin with a face primer that suits your skin type. Use Digital Complexion for Dry skin all over your face. Digital Complexion Primer for dry skin is a complex formula including plant sourced ingredients, perfect for moisturizing dry to combination skin types. The primer has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce mild skin irritations. Areas of dryness and textured skin surfaces are smoothed. The active ingredients within the formula work in synergy to promote soothing and skin protective qualities. This product is Vegan Certified. R494,00

Step 2

Add a small amount of the Digital Complexion Concealer just to provide a clean eye and blend it out well. The cutting-edge concealer is durable with a lightweight feel, providing you with the confidence you want to feel in your skin. An emulsion base of water and silicone is suitable for all skin types, and infused with phyto oils. It has sheer to medium coverage capabilities and is buildable. Digital Complexion Concealer, R 416

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Step 3

Use the Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer on the entire eye and under the eye as well. Eye Shadow Primer is a base for a perfect eye make-up. The texture of the primer is creamy and velvety enhancing the colour intensity of the eye shadow. The primer allows a perfect application and blending. Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer, R616

Step 4

For this step you will need an Eyebrow Powder Palette. First brush your eyebrow to shape them, then pick up the product with an angle brush and then proceed by starting at the ‘tail’ of the eyebrow. The product that is leftover on the brush will be used inwards to create a faded eyebrow effect. Lastly, to take your ‘eyebrow spoolie’ to blend the colour. The Eyebrow Powder is an elegant mirror palette with 5 colours that can be used according to preference. This product can be applied dry or wet if desired. In combination with Cake Eyeliner Sealer Eyebrow Powder becomes smudge proof. Eyebrow Powder Palette, R1153 Cake Eyeliner Sealer, R334

Step 5

Now you start with your eyes, and we are going to use the Eye Shadow Variety Palette 18 colours in the V3. You are going to start with the lightest transition colour on the eyelid, use a medium colour also on the eyelid in a rainbow blending motion, in the corner of your eye you are going to blend in a darker shade in a ‘V’ form and to not blend it too high and to stay inside the crease. Excellent durability on the eyelids makes this Eye Shadow exceptionally well-suited for professional application. For intensive colours and enhanced durability apply Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer before. Eye Shadow Variety Palette, R897

Step 6

For the cut crease, Chanelle used the Digital Complexion Concealer. Drag the crease on the entire eyelid. You are going to stop applying when you are near the corner where the darker shade is applied in a ‘V’ and then apply Kryolan’s HD Living Colour in the shade amber on the concealer. Then blend the corners’ colour to the crease to take away the harsh lines. HD Living Colour are vibrant pigments that conjure up ­ reworks of intensive colours on the skin. Digital Complexion Concealer, R438

Step 7

To ­ finish the look off you are going to create a liner as near to the lash line as possible with our HD Cream Liner in the shade Cacao for a more natural liner with an angled brush. HD Cream Liner is a special colour intensive eye liner for fashionable, ‑ flawless lining. HD Cream Liner is easy to control and doesn’t drip. Its silicone base makes it incredibly durable and prevents cracking due to its flexibility, making it comfortable to wear. HD Cream Liner, R429

Step 8

Fashion F4 lashes is applied on the lash line using our Lash Adhesive Pro. Very ­ ne lashes, alternating with stronger, extra-long and dense hairs knotted. The combination of structure and naturalness is particularly expressive. Fashion Eyelashes are 100% handmade. Fashion F4 Lashes, R190 Lash Adhesive Pro, R139

Step 9

Dramatic Volume mascara is applied after lashes is glued and to be used on the top and bottom lashes. Provides plenty of curvy volume with its cone ­ fiber-shaped brush and unique thickening ingredients with a super black ­ finish. Removes easily. Dramatic Volume Mascara, R325

Step 10

In the steps to complete the look is the Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation that is applied with a brush, this must be done sparingly. Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation, R715

Step 11

Glamour Glow Compact in the shade Juicy Mood is used as blush on the cheek. It is blended upwards from the apple of the cheek with a fluffy blush brush. Glamour Glow 10g Compact, R527

Step 12

For contouring Chanelle used the Ultra Foundation contour circle which is blended underneath the blush and blended upwards to lift the face. The Ultra Foundation formulation contains advanced ingredients that are recognised for particularly good skin compatibility. This formulation contains no mineral oil, to assure that the skin readily absorbs the make-up. This Colour Circle enables users to highlight, contour and make up the face at the same time. Ultra-Foundation, R459

Step 13

For the highlight you are going to use the Shimmering Event Foundation in the golden beige shade and blend it above your cheek bone where the blush is blended. Shimmering Event Foundation, R904

Step 14

Lightly powder all over the face with our Digital Complexion Finish. Digital Complexion Finish, R715

Step 15

For the lips Chanelle used a Lip Stain in the Gospel shade. The Lip Stain is a matt, colorintense, long-lasting and smudge-proof lip ‑ fluid. The silicone-based formula creates full coverage applications easily for instant impact. For easy removal use Kryolan Eye Make-up Remover. Lip Stain, R410

Text and Photography: GYPSEENIA LION

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