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What we’re reading at book club this month:

The Island by Natasha Preston. Source: Penguin Random House

A group of social media influencers have been invited to the opening of Jagged Island … a private amusement park for the very rich, and the very influential. Posting every second of their VIP treatment, the group is super impressed. The schedule is jam-packed, with just one thing missing … getting off the island alive. Author of The Island Natasha Preston has been scaring readers for years with her thrillers … this one is just as creepy. Penguin Random House

All the Little Liars by Victoria Selman. Source: Quercus Books

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Three teenage girls go to a party. Only two go home … and they later confess to murdering their friend. But in the area where the girl went missing, hikers find the word LIAR scrawled in blood on a tree. Are the girls lying? And if so, why? Inspired by various true crime cases, All the Little Liars by Victoria Selman keeps you guessing, and has a wicked twist! Quercus

The Lie Maker by Lindwood Barclay. Source: HQ Publishers

A young man, working for the US Marshals creating fake histories for people in witness protection, has the chance to find his father, who’s been in witness protection for years. But not without danger from his father’s enemies. Lindwood Barclay’s latest thriller, The Lie Maker, is as suspenseful as you can get. HQ

Payback in Death by J.D Robb. Source: Piatkus Books

JD Robb’s Eve Dallas (love her) is back – this time investigating the death of a retired police officer. It appears he’s committed suicide, but Eve thinks not. And is Eve ever wrong? Set in 2061, Payback in Death is the 57th In Death thriller … and they keep just getting better. If you haven’t read one, now’s a great time to start. Piatkus

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