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How to overcome Januworry blues

January always has us feeling dull, gloomy and blue, but our garden shouldn’t feel nor look that depressing.

January is all about reducing our financial stress, reusing items that are already in our house and teaching our loved ones how crucial recycling is.

Luckily the best garden centre in Bloemfontein – Pretty Gardens, as voted by you, gave us some helpful tips on how to reuse seeds and recycle plants that can be found in your garden.

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January Tasks:

  • Instead of planting seedlings, sow seeds
  • Learn to cultivate plants from plants that is already in your garden
  • Use saved seeds from plants in your garden
  • Swop some plants from neighbours and friends
  • Dig up and split overcrowded perennials, cut foliage of the splits in half and replant.
  • Prune and trim overgrown hedges and topiaries

We’re planting Carpet Geraniums this season, not only because of their beautiful purple cover but because they bloom all year round and blossom better in a sunny environment.

Liven your kitchen windowsill and chase the blues away with all-around shades of purple. The Carpet Geranium can survive the scorching sun but flourishes even lovelier next to a pond as it floats in the water.

Indoor plant of the month

Remembering that colour is a must-have in our garden, the Agapanthus plant is born and bred in South Africa hence it is commonly known as the African Lily.

Keeping it on your patio or in your sunroom allows the Agapanthus to take up space, creating beautiful imagery with its gorgeous shades of white, blue, mauve and purple.

What makes the Agapanthus so unique is that it can withstand the sun and still be considered a house plant, adding a touch of light to your house.

The Agapanthus should be kept in bright light and in room temperature. The moist in which the Agapanthus plant is in, should always be kept moist.

Veggie of the month

Of course December was the month that we indulged in everything there is to eat but now we’re in January and it is time to tighten the belt.

Say no more! Asparagus has got you covered! Not only is Asparagus a really good source of antioxidants, but it also helps you lose weight because It also contains a lot of nutrients and few calories.

Asparagus helps lower blood pressure caused by the overspending in December and it also a more affordable source of vegetables to add to your diet.

Details: www.healthline.com

Compiled by Abigail Visagie

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