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Traditional pancakes with a milk tart twist

The way we consume and prepare food changes over time, but it doesn’t change the feeling that comes when you smell freshly prepared pancakes and milk tarts. It instantly takes you to a time long gone. Thanks to Dancakes (Danie & Pancakes), you can get a taste of nostalgia with this easy-to-prepare milk tart recipe, with a modern touch.

Danie Jacobs’ mother sold pancakes and milk tarts as a side hustle when they were still at school to pay for all the sport tours. When Danie was in matric, he worked and did everything for a whole year for only R50 a Saturday. The rest of the money was used to buy the business from his mother. He even negotiated for more money by washing the dishes afterwards.

“There have been many sacrifices since he started. He worked late Friday evenings and started early Saturday mornings. As the business grew so did all the products that we sold. He still had an 8 to 5 job as a sales rep. When I gave birth to our first son end of 2021, we decided that he is going to leave his Job and run Dancakes full time. He did this to be present in his son’s life and build his family as well as his own business. And we have never looked back. Since then, the business has grown exponentially,” said his wife and business partner, Janke Jacobs.


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 Dancakes milk tart premix packet (available exclusively from Dancakes)

  1. 3 eggs
  2. 1 litre of milk


Using your own homemade or premix pancake batter, make a few pancakes and set aside. If you would like to serve them warm, start making your pancakes once you start preparing your milk tart filling.

Milk tart filling:

 Mix the eggs and premix packet.

Bring the milk to a boil.

Mix everything on the stove until thick and creamy.

Plate your pancakes and fill it with the milk tart filing, sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon before rolling the pancakes.

COUPON: Present your Get It magazine at Dancakes and get a 50% discount on the milk tart premix when you by anything else from Dancakes. Even buying a pancake will guarantee your discount.

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