Emoyamed – Where you are part of the family


Emoyamed Bloemfontein has finally opened its doors under a new name and new management. The hospital now offers top-tier medical services with three state-of-the-art theatres.

The private hospital is located in a serene estate right in the heart of the Free State, offering perfect tranquility to recover while offering the patient’s loved ones the opportunity to rest at a luxurious hotel and enjoy a day spa.

Now named as “Emoyamed Bloemfontein”, the hospital offers specialist medical disciplines that includes Neurology, Oncology, Gynaecology and so much more.  These disciplines are offered by a team of frontline specialists that ensures that your medical treatment at the intimate hospital is safe and sound.

The new Hospital Manager, Dr Franco Erasmus, is a firm believer that the hospital will provide the Bloemfontein community with broader access to safe, private medical care.

“The hospital is uniquely built, covering a large geographic part of central South Africa but the intimacy here makes you feel like you’re part of the Emoyamed family, which you are.”

Managing Director, William du Plessis, says he is honoured and looks forward to serving the people of the Bloemfontein community.”

Specialist Physician, Dr Solly Thible, mentioned that he joined Emoyamed Bloemfontein because of the admirable facilities and services they offer.

Emoyamed is not a place where patients are just considered as another bed number, but as a person with a body and a soul.