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Chef Gianni brings comfort to your home

Gianni D’Offizi is not only a man of faith, family and hard work, but also sees miracles in everything he does, including his beloved food business, Comfort Chefs.

“Everything I do runs on the principles of love and family,” Gianni mentioned.

Gianni always tries his utmost best to reinvent himself. “I try to recreate myself and my business on an ongoing basis, with creativity and self-drive.

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I have a beautiful wife and children who need me, therefore sacrifice is always crucial to hold a happy home.

Gianni was 14 years old when his late father taught him how to make homemade Lasagne and Cannelloni. “I earned pocket money at that age from cooking and creating.

I was the only male in our standard at school who took Home Economics and thrived in the environment,” Gianni gushed.

Gianni travelled Italy quite extensively and lived with family throughout this entire process, mastering his culinary skills by learning how to cook in their homes.

It can definitely be said that a few beloved family recipes made their way straight into the homes of Gianni’s customers.

Comfort Chefs is a product of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gianni was forced to put food on the table due to the pandemic.

He then decided to start the business from home, after 8 months, Gianni realised it was time to find premises and investment in order to sustain the fast growth of Comfort Chefs.

“Comfort is what the world was seeking during the pandemic so 1 plus 1 most certainly equalled 2,” Gianni said.

“It’s like having a restaurant in your deep freezer,” was my initial catchphrase. Comfort Chefs has become a household name in Bloemfontein and surrounds with a database of more than 800 families supporting and purchasing Comfort Meals on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis,” the proud owner mentioned.

Comfort Chefs produces home-cooked, high-quality freezer meals on a large scale basis for the local community and also couriers these dishes nationally to other provinces.

We also provide Platters, catering services, cakes, and our own butchery selling meat used in our dishes, directly to the public.

The on-the-go gourmet business also has a feature for the modern-day working mother to feed her children called tot-packs. The tot-packs and adult packs can also be purchased for diabetic patients.

The butchery helps Gianni quite efficiently by keeping costs down, making their products more affordable.

Through Comfort Chefs, Gianni constantly tries to motivate and inspire others to find the courage and take various leaps of faith.

“When I go home to my family each evening I look at my wife and my children and become motivated for the next day to keep providing.

I guess that could mean that I am inspired by the privilege to provide. I have 4-year-old twin girls and a 6-year-old type 1 diabetic son, that says it all about the service I provide,” Gianni said.

“We are constantly evolving and keeping up with our customer’s expectations and demands. It will take a while longer to establish further and become a first choice brand on supermarket shelves, a concept which might take time.

Between work and home, Gianni focuses on giving all of himself by serving his customers and loved ones. Children need ALL of you, and that is a privilege and pleasure to give to mine, Gianni concluded.

Text: Abigail Visagie


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