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3 natural oils to add to your haircare routine

You might think that adding oils to your hair will only lead to a greasy mess, but applying just the right amount at the right time can make all the difference to your hair health. 

Take a look at these three oils to find the one that suits your hair needs best:

Argan oil: This miracle worker is called “liquid gold” for a reason! 

Why we love it: 

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  • Repairs damage: Argan is a fount of fatty acids and vitamin E, the usual skin and hair suspects, which do amazing things for damaged, dry, coarse or unruly hair
  • Frizz control: Its most popular application is smoothing that frantic frizz down, for shimmering flowing, manageable hair
  • Health boost: Boosts scalp cells and encourages them to produce healthy hair as well as regrowth.
  • Style: Argan tames your hair and makes it easier to manage and style. It absorbs easily and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It makes hair oh-so-soft and shiny.
  • Conditioning: Locks in moisture and protects your hair.
  • Healing: Good for dandruff and also can help reverse the damage done by artificial chemicals.

Give your hair an immediate gloss and tame your frizz by smoothing a pea-size amount of argan oil through it when you style.

Castor oil: Don’t worry, you don’t need to drink a tablespoon of castor oil to reap the benefits. 

Why we love it:

  • Hair growth: Increases hair growth and controls hair loss with Ricinoleic acid and omega- 6 essential fatty acids which accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, encouraging the growth of copious thick locks
  • Dandruff buster: Anti-dandruff and antibacterial properties fight off the beasties such as dandruff.
  • Smooth away frizz: Because castor oil penetrates so deeply, it smooths the hair cuticles and helps to make quite a dramatic difference in the little hair foible of frizz, helping regain lost shine and texture. It can doctor split ends too
  • Natural conditioner and moisturiser: Castor oil leaves a coating on the hair shaft that locks precious moisture in.

Apply some castor oil in your hair at least 15 minutes before using a shampoo. 


Baobab oil

Why we love it: 

  • Shine: It moisturises your hair and gives it a lustre that will brighten your day, without leaving it feeling greasy. 
  • Deeply penetrating: It has a wonderful effect on elasticity and suppleness
  • Protection: Vitamin E protects hair from environmental damage and has an impressive fatty acid profile that creates a protective film on the hair’s surface. 
  • Fragile dry hair: All the nourishing and protective properties mean that Baobab oil is particularly excellent for fragile, dry and damaged hair

For more hair health tips and products, visit Faithful to Nature.

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