Spa Ritual Therapies that work!


Spa Ritual therapies have been used for hundreds of years, boosting health and healing. “To massage is to work on the body with applied pressure. Not only is this an enjoyable and relaxing experience, but it also has numerous health benefits as well,” says Yuvati Shah, owner of Spa Royale at the Royal Palm Hotel Umhlanga.

Massage causes physiological changes in your body through:

  • The relaxation response, which is an involuntary, yet predictable response of the nervous system to massage techniques and touch.
  • Mechanical responses, which are physical effects that occur in the body when pressure is applied to the soft tissues.

Together, these responses can produce physical and emotional benefits. The physical manipulation in massage has two major physical effects:

  • Increase in blood and lymph circulation
  • Relaxation and normalization of the soft tissue (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments), which releases nerves and deeper connective tissues.

A few spa ritual therapies offered at Spa Royale include:

  • Changing Seasons Journey massage is beneficial in stimulating your senses with the changing of seasons. During this 120 minute experience, begin with a spring and summer, honey and lime body exfoliation, followed by a warm up with a 60-minute TheraNaka, Tri- Scented shea butter nugget autumn massage.
  • 45-minute Egyptian Back Experience which focuses on stimulating the cells of the nervous system rather than on muscle cells alone. The treatment involves a combination of soft tissues and muscle manipulations, warm kneading and sweeping strokes. These basic movements lengthen and stretch inactive muscles while stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • The Indian Journey which is 70 minutes in duration.  Start with a Himalayan body scrub containing essential minerals that leave the skin feeling fresh and revived. This treatment also includes an Indian head massage, treatment and foot massage.

If you are needing a little pick me up to get into the swing of warmer times to come, book a treatment at the Spa Royale at the Royal Palm Hotel on 031 566 1286 or email [email protected] .