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5 reasons drinkable collagen became a leading lifestyle trend in 2019

For decades, eternal youth has been one of the key motivators driving consumers of all ages to buy collagen. In more recent years, the world has realised that collagen has some impressive benefits over and above firm, beautiful skin. From reducing joint pain and helping a leaky gut to improving liver health and increasing your metabolism – the list of health benefits, according to Catherine Clark, Owner and Founder of The Harvest Table, is a long one!

She adds that collagen is the main structural protein in our skin and acts as the glue that holds the body together. “33% of our bodies are made up of collagen however this decreases as we get older thanks in part to environmental factors, such as sun exposure and pollution, making daily supplementation is essential.”

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But why drinkable collagen? Catherine reveals 5 reasons drinkable collagen has taken the health industry by storm this year:

  1. It’s non-evasive: Say goodbye to pills, shots and creams! Both men and women are turning to drinkable collagen as a healthcare supplement because it is a proven, non-invasive approach to their overall health.
  2. It is tasteless: Collagen granules are flavourless, so you can easily add it to your oats, yoghurt, smoothies, soups and even baked goods!
  3. It offers value for money: Whilst the price of collagen granules is in line with normal day-to-day, off-the-shelf nutritional supplements, this multi-beneficial supplement performs the duties of many, giving you overall bang for your buck!
  4. It beats eating organ meats: You read right – organ meats! Organ meats naturally possess collagen and is one of the most successful ways to supplement through food. If, however you are not a fan of brain, liver, tongue, stomach, tripe, trotters and kidney then collagen granules are possibly the best route to go!
  5. The overall benefits are just crazy: In addition to strengthening hair, nails and teeth and improving the overall appearance and elasticity of skin, according to studies, collagen supplements help reduce both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis joint pain, improves flexibility, and helps form new bones. Furthermore, the anti-aging properties, in addition to the massive digestive health benefits, makes drinkable collagen granules a must-have in every household.

While eternal youth is not possible, looking and feeling youthful is! “Collagen supplementation should be seen as an investment in your overall health and wellness and with powder that simply dissolves into your drink/food, it couldn’t be easier to ensure that your body gets what it needs,” Catherine concludes.

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