Love your bedroom


Dynamic design-duo, Mholi and Nqobile Mthembu of MAD Design Studios, a turnkey architecture, interior design and custom furniture manufacturing studio in Durbs, share some designer tips on how to turn your bedroom into a lover’s paradise.

“Whether you’ve just moved in together or you’ve been sharing a place for years, your home, house, living space should be a sanctuary in which you can exchange everyday work stress for comfort, warmth and happy feelings. Your interiors have a large role to play in this. Different tastes aside, if hiring a professional designer – to decorate your home in a way that your respective tastes complement each other – is not in your budget, or you just want to take things into your own hands, then we have the perfect solution for you.”

Start with the bedroom

Out of every space in a home, your bedroom is the most personal. Even though it’s an area most of your guests may never actually see, it still deserves a great deal of attention. It’s where you recharge, reflect on the day, read, rest and possibly spend the most time together, even if it’s in the silence of slumber, so it only makes sense for it to feature the right colour palette and furnishings. It should showcase your design style and complement the overall aesthetic that’s reflected in other areas of your home.

Choose the right bedding

The right bedding is actually an investment in your experience of the bed as well as your ability to rest and relax, so don’t compromise on the quality of your bedding. The feel of the fabric against the skin is so important for enhancing the mood. Gentle, smooth surfaces are calming and sensual, and therefore most likely to encourage interaction. High quality fabrics with a good thread count matter when trying to turn your sleeping experience into a sensual affair! Anywhere between 400 to 800 thread counts will set you on the right path. If money is no limitation, then bedding with satin stitches will further accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the bed, and give it a look of luxury!

Accentuate with cushions and throws

Without ‘the right’ selection and arrangement of cushions and throws, your bedding alone may look good, but it will lack appeal. The trick is in choosing cushions with the right fabrics – like velvety, smooth, fine-textured ones, and choosing the right arrangement – keep your four pillows lying flat and allocate two large decorative cushions front-facing with a middle cushion.

Make sure your wall colours and lighting are perfect

Choosing the right colour and lighting for your bedroom is all about understanding the basics of the art of lighting, and combining it with the theme of the room. Warm and fuzzy white lights bring a sense of serenity and calmnes, and are great even for creating an intimate environment. Warm, neutral colours have the same effect.  If you are building or renovating, one detail you must take into careful consideration while planning for bedroom lighting, is the placement of the fixtures in relation to the sockets and the switches. The last thing you want is to worry about the wiring.

Add a feature wall

Whether you add a different colour or wallpaper to one wall in your bedroom, it can make the world of different to the overall look and feel. Preferably a feature wall should be behind the bed, but regardless, it should add liveliness and character to your private space.

Invest in a beautiful rug

Rugs can effortlessly transform any room. They make it look warmer, more inviting and more comfortable. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, rugs can also absorb noise. When choosing a rug, size is important. If the rug is underneath your bed, it should be large enough to offer a decent platform for your feet when you climb out of bed. If your room is large and you want to bring in a gorgeous rug that will also add an element of comfort, then choose something that fits the space well. The colour, texture and shape of any rug used should blend with the rest of your decor, but it doesn’t need to necessarily pop unless of course you’ve intended for it to be a statement piece.

Beautiful curtains

Not only do curtains provide privacy, they also add an elegant touch to your room. For the bedroom, a curtain with a good drape, matched with a beautiful voil that effectively blocks out the sun, can really elevate a room.


Any bedroom is made more beautiful with the addition of light decorative items like fresh flowers, mirrors or artwork. Photographs always make for sentimental works of art as they evoke memories, whether they are of family or travel nature

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