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Historically, the kitchen was hidden in the back of the house and guests were ushered in through the front door ensuring they were kept far away from the kitchen. Over the last few decades we have seen the trend of open plan living take over where two or more rooms are opened to create a more spacious and interactive space.  While open-plan living certainly has its benefits when it comes to light and space, it can also be very noisy and there’s a definite lack of privacy.

Business partners, Lorraine Di Pietro and Kelly Winfield

“The key to Broken-plan living is to use non-invasive room dividers such as screens or furniture to define functional spaces; which can make the space seem larger and is a great way to create unity and intimacy in the overall design. These subtle dividers mean people have their own space but the feeling of openness is still maintained. One of the most exciting features in this modern way of living is the opportunity to ‘decorate’ your kitchen and create flow and harmony by choosing fabrics, accessories and even appliances that complement the overall colour palette of your home.

One of the biggest differences between open-plan and broken-plan living is the flow of light. The defined zones allow for different lighting features and configurations; creating functionality in one area and ambience in another.

“We’re definitely seeing the return of natural finishes, like wood components which are left exposed; adding detail, definition and character to a space- like some Oak shelving as a room divider. Interesting features like a bold brick-clad wall with some pipe shelving add that industrial feel while laminate or vinyl flooring adds warmth.”

To ensure a consistent style start with accent tones like brass lighting and pairing it with a statement brass tap and a similar style for cupboard handles.”

“Botanical elements contrast beautifully with neutral greys and raw brick. This can be carried throughout your décor with blinds and soft furnishings”


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