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Decorating with integrity

Over consumption and exploitation of resources have become a massive problem around the world, and it is our responsibility as individuals to try and be more considerate of ecologically sound and sustainable practices as we go about our daily lives. The experts at OKHA Design & Interiors, who specialise in using natural materials shaped and honed by artisans and craftsmen, share a few guidelines on how to be more sustainable in your home when it comes to décor.

“Good design is timeless and enduring and, as such, the materials we use should also be. The larger décor pieces we bring into our homes should last a lifetime, or have no need to be replaced we means we have then made a huge step towards ecologically sound practice.”

The most sustainable fabrics are organic as they have the longest lifespan and inherent character, which is why it helps to consider décor pieces that are made using resources like leather, stone and metal.

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“Try to establish the origins or source of a product and its components before buying. Look at the manufacture or build quality, and ask yourself and any sales staff in a store you are considering supporting: is it going to last, or does it have a short shelf life?”

Rather spend more money on a single item that has durability than on many items that will need to be replaced.

“It is no longer luxury for luxuries sake. Luxury must also mean integrity.” Buying products that are made from materials that are organic, have inherent value and the power to last is the way to go. We enjoy using found woods from naturally fallen trees to create one-of-a-kind table-tops and other bespoke pieces. The uniqueness of a piece like this adds value and expression, allowing a piece of furniture to be art and design simultaneously.”

Buying furniture made from material that has inherent credibility – timber, wool, silk or leather rather than something petrochemically made which cannot last, means you are buying something luxurious, beautiful and organic.

“One of the biggest challenges we face is that raw materials like brass, leather, copper and timber cost more. But, they last longer. If you invest in décor that resonates with your emotions, it might cost you a little more than you’d like to spend, but it will worth it for you and your sustainable lifestyle.”

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