Make a green connection


This month we’re going green all the way!  From nutritious green foods, to lush green gardens we are stepping into a new decade intent on getting closer to the goodness of green that comes from our natural surroundings.  And we are bringing it into our home as well with Plascon’s Favourite Hue 2020, the gorgeous Mulberry Leaf, to make that natural connection in an instant.

Wellness and sustainable living feel more achievable with this balanced, grounded and organic vegetable green tone. “Mulberry Leaf helps us drown out the noise by creating a cocoon of green goodness in our homes. With this colour staying home will feel like a walk in the park,” says Plascon’s Head of Decorative Marketing, Katlego Kondlo.

Mulberry Leaf looks great on all four walls and is just as good as a statement wall.  Complement the feature wall with a warm neutral such as Cream of Mushroom) and golden accents with Gold Cadillac for a winning colour combination!

Trendy rose gold will be around for a few more seasons yet so use it with Mulberry Leaf for a glamorous effect in a balanced and earthy space. Soft cool greys like Ripple 74 and copper-like pink Warm Welcome are great as background colours with our favourite hue. Painting your front door in Mulberry Leaf speaks volumes about your values, aspirations and yearning for natural connection.