Turn those busy young minds into busy bees at home!


There is a saying that has become truly profound in 2020: “Expect the unexpected. Believe in the unbelievable. Achieve the unachievable.” As the world is faced with the devastation that is COVID-19, one thing is becoming very clear: self-isolation could well stop this highly contagious virus in its tracks. But how do we keep our kids positively engaged during this time?

At READ Educational Trust, we believe the key is to keep enquiring young minds active! For this reason, READ Educational Trust is pleased to give parents and children across South Africa access to a series of home activities called Busy ‘B’ Home Activities, during the period of mandatory lockdown.

Available through links on all our websites and social media pages, the Busy ‘B’ Series is set to help you keep your children positively engaged at home!  Best of all? Every activity is 100% FREE!

READ is catering for kids from Grade 4 through to high school. Types of activities include a self-discovery game, to stimulate conversation and set imaginations alive; a newspaper race game (great to use those free weekly newspapers delivered to many of our gates!), treasures in our lives (encouraging gratitude in our children), and people we treasure! and many more…

All the Busy ‘B’ activities are sourced from our hugely successful Readathon Red Reading Box series. Released annually for the past seven years, the Red Reading Boxes are filled with activities, games and stories to encourage reading skills and literacy in children from Grade 4 through high school.

For those parents who would like to find out more about the Red Reading Box series, please feel free to visit https://thereadshop.co.za/, where they may be purchased. With every literacy product purchased, 100% of profits will be used by READ to further our literacy promotion in disadvantaged communities.

Visit http://www.read.org.za/busy-b-home-activities/ to download the activities and follow us on social media links, Facebook: www.facebook.com/READEduTrust, Twitter: www.twitter.com/READEduTrust,  Instagram: www.instagram.com/read_educational_trust for more tips and updates.

We might not have expected the unexpected virus, but we can believe in the unbelievable: a successful vaccine to be developed; and achieve the previously unachievable, in terms of successful self-isolation!