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Local plant-based food company donates 54 000 meals for Mandela Day

Plant-based food company, the Fry Family Food Co., will have donated over 54 000 meals by Mandela Day (18 July).

At the start of lockdown, when it was clear what the impact would be on vulnerable South Africans, Fry’s committed to feeding as many people in need as possible.  The food donated to date has fed thousands of people through various feeding schemes and charity organisations across the country.

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“We have always had strong relationships with multiple charity organisations in South Africa. But when lockdown happened it became clear that the need was going to be that much greater and that we needed to do more,” said Tammy Fry, Director at the Fry Family Food Co.

“We initially wanted to set a target of providing 67 000 meals in time for Mandela Day, but we know that people will be going hungry far beyond the 18 July, so we are committed to continuing with the donations and will strive to feed as many as we can during this difficult time,” she added.

Mandela Day usually sees individuals and companies coming together to do 67 minutes of active citizenship on 18 July. But this year, with the world navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, Mandela Day is likely to be quite different.

#MandelaDay2020 has said that “On a scale never seen before, individuals and groups are finding ways to help those in need of support.

Communities across the world are affected by the spread of Covid-19, which has hit every economy, causing new social and economic challenges and exacerbating old ones. We call on you to be an active citizen in your community, individually or as part of one of the millions of groups getting together to start initiatives around delivering food parcels, making masks and protective gear, teaching online or making donations towards these efforts.”

Mandela Day is an annual initiative that takes place on Nelson Mandela’s birthday (18 July). It is known as 67 minutes for Mandela Day and was started by Madiba himself to encourage people around the world into active citizenship.  Individuals, schools, businesses and more are encouraged to devote 67 minutes on 18 July to giving back and helping those in need. The 67-minutes equates to one minute  for every year Mandela served South Africa.

Fry’s is a plant-based food manufacturer based in Durban, but with distribution all over the world.  Their products are versatile, easy to use, 100% vegan friendly (many are halaal and kosher too), making them ideal for a wide range of charity organisations.

Find Fry’s online at:





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