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Exceptional cake moments with Château Gâteaux…

There’s no denying that Château Gâteaux is a phenomenal brand. We sat down with well-known face of the brand and Marketing Manager for the past six years, Anna Kelly, to find out about some of their recent exciting changes.




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Marketing Manager, Anna Kelly gives us a little insight to all the exciting things happening at Château Gâteaux

Happy birthday Château Gâteaux! Wow, you guys certainly had quite a 23rd birthday! Like many of our customers, we also experienced a ‘lockdown birthday’ and we shared a lot of love and a lot of cake with others all experiencing lockdown birthdays too!

Social media has been full of beautiful images of the logo revamp and stunning new colour scheme. You also seem to have taken a fresh approach to your cake styling and general marketing strategy. Tell us about that? To honour our 23rd birthday, we felt we needed a more modern and grown up look. Our new style was inspired by our customers – our cake family – who are fresh and bold, modern and elegant, yet real and approachable. We have chosen a fresh new colour, which isn’t just red … its OUR razzberry red because it razzles and dazzles just like our creations!

The new Durban North store looks incredible and we understand the Morningside store is ‘up next’. What about your other 13 stores? We’re thrilled that everyone is so excited to experience our new look and feel at their local store. As they say in the classics, all good things take time. We’re working hard to roll out the new look to all our stores. Check in on our social media regularly to find out which store is next.

The new packaging is gorgeous. Why the change? Our pack has changed in anticipation of the new look and feel currently being applied to our stores. We’re in a changeover period from our old look to the new. There has been no impact on the strength and thermal properties of the packaging and we remain committed to working with 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging. The new look pack is a statement piece that you will be proud to arrive at a party or function with or drop off as a gift. We felt we had to evolve our look to reflect the needs of our cake family and get us ready for an even brighter future. We hope everyone grows to love the look as we much as we do! Reaction online has been so positive – we really are thrilled and excited about all the changes!

The new packaging is on trend, oh so beautiful and still environmentally friendly!

Tell us about the people you work with? The Château Gâteaux family are a dynamic, hard-working and passionate bunch of experts in their field. Lockdown brought with it a number of challenges but, as a team, we have risen to the occasion fully. To stand back now and see all we have achieved, gives us all a sense of pride and accomplishment. My immediate team in marketing, customer care, digital and brand education are a talented and driven all-women team and these last months we have learnt to work in an entirely different but effective way. We have close relationships with many departments in the business and the whole family of experts have tackled a huge workload with flexibility, humour and patience.

What’s next? There is so much on the go! Our new e-commerce platform has been a great success and we look forward to having gorgeous branded Château Gâteaux delivery vehicles on the road in Durban, Joburg, Pretoria and Cape Town soon. The website is also being revamped to be more efficient and user-friendly. We have enjoyed a new burst of activity having partnered with East Coast Radio, Jacaranda FM and Heart FM and similarly our out of home offering on billboards, digital billboards and street pole ads are all working together to spread the message that the Cake People are top of mind when you think ‘cake’! Regarding product innovation … this month we launch our Choc Chip Cherry Dome cake – the first product in our new packaging and I can tell you it is WOW!!

The Choc Chip Cherry Dome cake is the latest tasty Château Gâteaux cake

The Get It team would like to wish the Château Gâteaux team another successful 23 years making exceptional cake moments. Thank you for letting us be on the journey with you – we can’t wait to make more sweet memories with you!

The Vanilla Dream Medium (8-slice) Cake doubled up

Details: [email protected], www.chateaugateaux.co.za, FB CHÂTEAU GÂTEAUX and IG @château_gâteaux #TheCakePeople

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