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Top tips for gorgeous autumn hair 

While many of us are enjoying a more laid-back approach to our beauty regime thanks to the pandemic, our hair is always due for a little TLC, especially after a ridiculously hot summer with lots of sun, pool and sea water. Dubbed the Blonde Doctor due to her innovative hair colouring techniques, Cerése Bouwer, the energetic and bubbly blonde behind Cerése hair Design is a trendsetter who touches more hearts than hair. On a mission to change the way beauty is perceived, and with a less is more approach, she shares the colour trends for 2021 and a handful of healthy hair care tips that will help you maintain your mane.

Cerése Bouwer


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Colour trends for 2021


This year the trendsetters from Europe released the most amazing colours and techniques – full of vibrancy, with warmer shades like caramel, coppers and warmer shades of blonde.

Balayage (a highlighting technique that doesn’t use foils) is still hot and trending in the hair market, allowing colourists to do free hand painting, creating a more natural blended, sun-kissed look.

Chestnut browns combined with coppers gives you that warm winter feel, and brightens up lighter skin stones. Warm and sunny strawberry blondes are definitely going to lighten up the surroundings and lift everyone’s spirits on cloudy winter days. They whisper tastefully chic. 2021 is a great time to try out a new look because we can all do with a bit of cheerfulness and change.


If your hair is feeling dry and brittle, try these tips to keep it healthy and hydrated.  

Shampoo less

Shampoo cleanses dirt and product, but also strips hair of natural oils. Try to shampoo less in winter and supplement with a dry shampoo in between if necessary. My recommendation on dry shampoo is Goldwell Bodifying Dry shampoo. It instantly revives volume by absorbing excess oil, reduces build up between washes and leaves hair with a natural, cared-for touch and healthy shine.

Turn down the heat

Hot showers in winter are awesome, but too much heat exposure can strip moisture from your hair. Try to keep showers lukewarm, and rinse hair with cooler water. Tone down on the heat tools. Natural textures are trending for 2021. Embrace your natural curls or waves. Goldwell Just smooth provides manageability and frizz control, leaving you hair with an outstanding soft feel and brilliant shine.

Always use a thermal protect spray when using any mechanical heat on your hair. I highly recommend Goldwell Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray.

Add Moisture

Treating your hair with the Goldwell Rich Repair range is a great way to combat dry hair. Goldwell Stylesign Curly Twist is also full of moisture, and designed to hydrate and define for weightless bounce and elasticity.

Don’t skip conditioner

Ever. It may sound obvious, but it’s an important step in any hair care routine. Just like your facial moisturizer, conditioner should be a priority. It closes your cuticles and locks in moisture. Also try Goldwell’s amazing leave in serum sprays for that extra conditioning boost. They are awesome for detangling as well.

Keep up with haircuts

We know we’re supposed to get regular trims, but it’s easy to forget. Trimming hair keeps it healthy and stops split ends from getting worse. Set a calendar reminder to book a haircut every two to three months for long hair and every four to eight weeks for shorter hair.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re not hydrated, it’ll be harder to make sure your hair is. Dehydration directly impacts hair, and not drinking enough water can actually slow hair growth. Aim for three litres a day.

Details: FB and IG @Cerése Hair Design or 071 370 9942.


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