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A Sweet Way to Support World Bee Day

The 20th of May is World Bee Day and we are excited to celebrate our fuzzy flying friends! Although only becoming a recognised day in 2017, World Bee Day is a long overdue campaign to raise awareness about the vital role bee’s have in the ecosystem and how essential it is to conserve the world’s most efficient pollinators.

But why May 20th? That’s because the pioneer of beekeeping and leading contributor to apiculture (the study of beekeeping), Anton Janša, was born on this day in 1734. Slovenian-native Anton Janša dedicated his life to studying the bees in his beehives and eventually published his research into books that became the pillar of modern day beekeeping techniques.

Beekeeping has never been as important in history than it is in the 21st century. Unfortunately, due to climate change and human’s increasing infringement on natural wildlife, the bee population is rapidly diminishing. This is why beekeeping is a vital component to the fight against this species’ extinction. Beekeepers ensure that bees remain an active presence in local wildlife by helping to eliminate the many challenges wild beehives face during the year—from cold winters to insufficient resources to human intervention.

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Therefore, buying and consuming products that support local and sustainable beehives is a great way to show appreciate for bees and support the organisations that keep our bee population alive! When it comes to using raw, natural and unfiltered honey, GD Chocolates is unparalleled in quality. These vegan, sugar-free chocolate bars are sweetened using raw honey and flavoured with fresh non-artificial ingredients. Their use of a pure and ethically sourced superfood, cocoa, means that your treat is loaded with important mineral magnesium, theobromine (which aids heart health), anti-oxidants and tryptophan (a natural anti-depressant that helps stress relief).

Pictured left to right: Mint, Vanilla, Himalayan Salt, Orange, Coffee, Rooibos Matcha, Lemon and Black Pepper.


With the combination of raw honey, pure cocoa and natural ingredients, GD chocolate is not only your delicious and healthy go to indulgence, but also an ally to the bee population. By supporting both the local beekeepers who help upkeep our bee populations and then incorporating natural ingredients that are products of a bee’s pollination, GD Chocolates is ensuring that bees remain a central component to our daily lives. Available in seven decedent flavours, these chocolates are the perfect gifts if you want to show your appreciation for a friend on World Bee Day or if you just want to indulge in an irresistible treat.


About GD Chocolate:

GD Chocolate is passionate about bringing deliciously healthy chocolate options to the South African market. GD chocolates are dairy-free and contain no cane sugar as only the very best local raw honey is used. They also contain no soya lecithin, preservatives, artificial colourants or flavourants.

Website: https://gdchocolate.com

Instagram and Facebook: @gdchocolate

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