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Summer, cocktails and a bottle of gin for the win!

With spring in full swing and summer around the corner there’s nothing better than enjoying the sunshine with a refreshing drink.

And being rather big fans of Roku Gin (that’s meticulously crafted by Japanese artisans based on centuries-old traditions), we think it’s the perfect ingredient to add to our summer cocktails.

Adding to the allure of this six-botanical gin is the actual bottle… hexagonal in shape, embossed in a style that resembles Japanese paintings and gives the bottle a refined, elegant look from every angle, all of which comes together on traditional washi paper, making it a head-turning bottle that deserves to be displayed on the cocktail counter alongside your newly created summer cocktail boasting notes of cherry blossom and green tea, paired juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander, cinnamon and finished off with hints of spice.

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Made using 50ml Roku Gin, 25ml Cranberry juice, 70ml Hibiscus tonic and lemon peel as a garnish, Roku’s Highball Cocktail is the perfect serve to awaken the senses and help you appreciate the beauty and heat of the new season.


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