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The juice brothers

What started as a homeschool project has flourished into a thriving little enterprise that brings bottled goodness to local doorsteps.

When Glenashley’s Caleb and Daniel Sandeman, with a little help from their dad, embarked on a mission to make and sell fresh fruit juices as a part of their learning experience in Business and Entrepreneurship in 2019, they had no idea how popular they’d become.

‘For a few hours every week, our dad (Wayne) helped educate us about business and especially the key factors to making a successful business – making profit, happy employees, happy customers and being good to the environment. We then brainstormed ideas for a business we could start that would tick all those boxes.’

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Together they came up with the idea of juicing, because it’s healthy, which would mean happy customers. They chose glass bottles because it’s better for the environment. They paid their workers (well – mom and dad initially) more than normal rates because they wanted happy employees. And they called it Juice Bro’s, because they are brothers.

After experimenting with ingredients and different recipes and learning the health benefits of raw fruit and veg, the boys came up with four juices to sell … Red juice (apple, Beetroot, carrot, lemon), Green juice (apple, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon, ginger), Orange juice (oranges, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger) and Da Bomb (pineapple, apple, lemon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper).

‘We started selling to friends, family and neighbours, and everyone who ordered the juices just kept buying and referring their friends. The feedback we got was that people noticed health benefits like weight loss, less constipation, increased immunity and vitality, which was a huge boost for us.’

Of course they had a few mishaps and funny moments… like the time they bought coriander instead of parsley for their green juice and they all tasted like curry; but for the most part it was a little extra hard work, some late nights and loads of high fives.

Eventually, due to the workload following their success, the boys couldn’t cope with the all orders, so they decided to employ outside help.

‘We have people helping us making the juice, agents selling it and a part time administrator to keep it all together.’

Having started high school at Northwood – the boys are now mostly involved in sales and strategy meetings where they plan how to get more market share and grow the brand. Obviously mom, Trish, and dad, who are a full time pastors, are also very involved.

‘We don’t always have much time, but as a family we are doing it together and we are all learning and growing so much.’

And growing they certainly are, as they now have a proper juice kitchen in Greyville, and they continue to deliver to happy customers across Durban and surrounds.  The juices are 100 per cent raw with no preservatives, additives, sugar, sweeteners, pulps, anti-foaming agents or even water added.

They’re sold individually at a few local Spars and health shops or can be delivered to your doorstep in wooden crates of nine or eighteen 250ml bottles. They cost R20 each, with Da Bomb costing R25. Empty bottles kept in crates will be collected and recycled with any new orders, with a R5 refund for every bottle.

Details: You can order online at JuiceBros.co.za, via e-mail at [email protected] or on WhatsApp on 083 267 5195.

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