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Navigate 2022 with Female Voices Who are Shaking Up the Internet

We are all constantly upgrading, hoping to become better versions of ourselves, and as clichéd as it may sound, there is no better time than a brand new year to set intentions, change habits or even launch a new you.

One of the most powerful and underrated ways to do this is a simple commitment to change your mindset, or how you look at the world. For this, we need to be hearing the stories of others.

So, who are you listening to in a sea of digital content as you navigate 2022?

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Thanks to Special Effects Media South Africa, who are rolling out the Female Voices Development Programme, a first in Africa, we’ve identified four extraordinary, South African female creators who are shaking up the digital space with authentic life experiences and courageous philosophies to consider taking with you on your digital journey through 2022.

They are all YouTube creators with unique creativity, style and  voices that powerfully demonstrate how inspirational every woman’s life can be. While their confidence is catchy, you’ll be equally drawn to their shared moments of vulnerability and humour, honest advice, hope for the future, and spirit of determination.

Whether you are navigating student life, having a baby, starting a business, or looking for hair and makeup ideas, these female creators are a bit like having an incredible internet big sister or bestie who leaves you with the feeling that somehow, you are not alone through the ups and downs of everyday life.

Meet the four female creators who are shaking up the digital space in 2022 through their YouTube channels.

Varaidzo Warinda, a 22-year-old film and theatre student who is willing to share everything that she is, and everything that she does, has created a family of students through her channel Everything Vee. From surviving your first year of university (including a few surprising secrets) to real advice about dating and sailing through a circuit of 21st birthdays with style, Vee has a way of making you feel like everything’s going to be okay, no matter what.

Tumi Moliko. It won’t take you long to figure out how someone as unassuming and gentle as Tumi has managed to garner over 47k YouTube subscribers. Tumi, who considers herself to be the next Emma Chamberlain of South Africa, has  style that  is effortlessly classic, refreshingly quirky, and very cool. Her channel Tumi Moliko covers everything from an intimate look at her first week living alone to crazy urban adventures, make-up fails, pranks, and relationships. Quite simply, Tumi will leave you grinning.

Rasheeqah Karriem. This wonderfully authentic and talented fashionista is letting thousands into her story of how to live life within Muslim community norms. From embracing the physical and spiritual journey of wearing a headscarf, to relationships and business, Rasheeqah Karriem is a courageous light-hearted voice. She is an awesome creator to watch out for especially for those seeking inspiration on pushing boundaries in a creative way.

Naledi Monamodi. Besides her delightful obsession with hair, Toast with Naledi offers a rare window to hear the genuine and vulnerable stories of a young South African female student. Uncensored, gritty, and yet told with such grace, Naledi’s Story Time vlogs have a way of normalising the things we don’t speak about and yet need to be heard. Naledi is an important and unafraid influencer with a voice that should be considered by every sector of society.

Special Effects Media is a licensed YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) that aims to contribute to gender equality in Africa’s online space.  Danilo Acquisto, CEO and Founder of Special Effects Media, says: “It is very gratifying to nurture and support talented YouTubers who will potentially impact societal, consumer, and brand paradigms on a large scale through their valuable and authentic content.

This isn’t business – this is about putting money where our mouths are and building the creator economy one creator at a time. Imagine a world where all YouTube creators are digital entrepreneurs running their own business through content they create online. That’s a future we want to be a part of.”

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