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Physical wellness opens so many doors

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

‘I embraced the purpose of my life a few years back when fate opened an unexpected door, giving me an opportunity to reach out beyond fear and seek richer life experiences.’ – Tavara Adlem, shares her story.

For 15 years, I had been surrounded by family with a keen interest in physical wellness, and sporting activities. It was, however, only when a brush with death left me with a physical handicap that I realised that the choice was rehabilitation or procrastination.

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I had become the victim of a home invasion that left me with an arterial graft and significant nerve damage to my left hand. I researched many modalities as I sought a solution to the physical damage.

Having previously embarked on studies relating to Sports Nutrition and having been actively involved in the rehabilitative modality of Extra-Corporeal Shockwave Therapy, I finally found a modality that was both a solution to increased physical fitness, strength, and stamina, but also provided the required physical rehabilitation for my damaged nerves. It would also assist in the rehabilitation of the muscles and ligaments in my arm that showcased the limitations of an arterial graft.

Electro-Muscular Stimulation (EMS), a modality well known in Germany for its accelerated healing properties and ability to hone sporting prowess, ticked all the boxes. My vascular surgeon advised EMS as an endorsed modality for my rehabilitation.

I followed his advice and thus combined my passion for fitness, with the desire to share this rehabilitation modality, and I became a freelance EMS trainer.

Over the last four years, I have continued to enhance my knowledge of EMS by becoming an Internationally Certified EMS Trainer through Glucker Kolleg in Germany, whilst developing my knowledge of Sports Nutrition, Health and Fitness and Personal Training. I apply my knowledge to other areas including Weight Loss and Child Nutrition.

I spent three years as a BodyTec trainer and have recently been afforded the opportunity to join the BodyTec studio in Hillcrest. Tori Celliers, owner of Hillcrest BodyTec, has opened an avenue for both my passion for fitness and my desire to assist others who may have similar sporting or rehabilitative needs, much like my own.

The Hillcrest BodyTec Team under the management of Tori Celliers is a powerful force within the EMS fraternity, and we all embody the vision of enhancing the EMS experience, with positive results amongst our current and future clients.

I have no doubt that my journey with Hillcrest Bodytec will result in many newer and richer experiences both for myself and our clients.

DETAILS: Phone Bodytec HILLCREST on 071 198 3115 to book a trial session at a discounted cost of R195

38 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, Durban


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