Keeping up with Taylor

Kim Morrison says it is hard not to laugh when her seven-going-on-17 -year-old daughter has you in her firing line. She tells us what being a mom is like to a young bona fide influencer.

Taylor Morrison might have a social media reach of nearly 16 million, but behind this pint-sized, sassy, internet sensation is her equally amazing ‘Momanager’ Kim. This Durban mom dedicates most of her day to managing home executive duties, being a wife, mothering her son and daughter and kidfluencing … all without losing her mind.

“Taylor has been making us laugh since she was two. She’s always been a character. I made a video of her holding my nephew and posted it on Facebook, mostly for our family to see. Someone shared the video … and that was the start. It went viral and people started asking for more. We started a page and since then it’s been a very busy, creative and fun-filled journey.”

Kim posts photographs and comedic video clips of Taylor doing what she does best … talking, scolding and discussing things with her age-appropriate logic, making her the envy of any diva worth her salt. From power outages to Simba chips and quips about her big brother, Mickayle, there’s no shortage of topics she covers. And what’s more, the videos are totally unscripted.

Photo: Elana Schilz Photography

“We usually come up with topics together, and her grandmother and aunties are a huge influence on many of her mannerisms, but when Taylor’s in front of the camera, it’s all her … straight from her own little mind. The Queen of Sass. Taylor is the real driver in all of this. I’m just her director, and most importantly her mother.”

With a pair of brown eyes that twinkle one moment and are all seriousness the next, Taylor is just the same as any other kid when she is at school. She does homework, enjoys extra mural activities and does her best to toe the line every day just like her peers.

“We live a normal life like anyone else.“

“On weekends we do any kidfluencer stuff that she has, we have fun and just chill. We love making videos together and they don’t take up much time. Karaoke is one of the many fun things we do together. When she’s not making people laugh, she’s an old soul, an amazing human, always helpful, caring and has the most amazing little heart.”

Kim says Taylor has always been very independent, sassy and full of attitude, and gives her a good run for her money.

“We have a relationship like any other mother and daughter. Like any youngster she tries her luck, but she definitely knows where the line is and when not to cross it. She’s fully aware there are rules and not to break them. I have absolutely no issues getting her to obey house rules and when I speak in my ‘mom voice’ she always listens.”

Apart from being a real little motormouth, Kim says Taylor loves the limelight and is into real girly things like make-up, clothes and shoes … and shoes … and shoes.

“She’s often recognized in public and asked to take a photo which she doesn’t mind at all.”

And what are the negatives of this kind of life and fame at a young age? Kim says for Taylor there are none.  “She has no access to her social media pages, so is unaware of any troll comments which might surface and if and when they do, I just delete and block. This really is all for the love of Taylor and capturing genuinely innocent and funny moments that we can share with anyone who needs a good laugh. They are also memories that for us will last for eternity.”

As for what she wants to be when she grows up, Kim says that’s up to Taylor, whose already reaping the rewards of her social media stardom. She recently landed a role in a televised commercial for Roman’s Pizza and is super excited to have been nominated in the African Kidfluencer category for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award 2022, so watch this space!

“Every time we ask her what she wants to be, she changes her mind. After working for most of my life and being retrenched in 2020 due to Covid, I’ve focused more on being a mom and keeping up with Taylor’s pages as a means of opening up opportunities for her to pursue a career as an actress or singer one day. I couldn’t be more proud of her and what she’s accomplished at such a young age, so I’m just nurturing each of her talents and pushing her to do her best in everything she does. How I stay sane, I don’t know LOL!”

Luckily for us, Kim is always ready to capture Taylor’s magic.

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Photo: Elana Schilz Photography