Bite into this!

There is nothing like a tender, juicy burger, and if it’s a ground-breaking burger, even better!

For the first time in the history of the African continent, cultivated beef burger patties were grown, cooked and sampled, at a bespoke event at the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative labs, by local cultivated meat company Mzansi Meat Co.

A breakthrough for food security aimed at making healthier, more environmentally friendly meat products that taste just like farm-reared livestock, the meat patty’s journey has been an intricate one, say co-founders Brett Thompson and Tasneem Karodia.

“It all begins at Greyton Animal Farm Sanctuary where veterinarians remove tiny tissue cells from donor animals. The extraction of this biopsy is a painless process. No animals are harmed!”

Once the cells are harvested a sample is taken to the Mzansi Meat Co lab where they isolate the cells and grow them in a culture medium containing vitamins, salts and proteins that the cells need to develop and divide.

“Once they have enough cells, they place them on an edible structure and after adding a few additional spices and flavours, the cultivated meat is ready to be dished up and enjoyed.”

This burger is 100 percent burger. It tastes just like beef because it is beef, only it’s been grown and produced in a far more beneficial and compassionate way compared to what we’re used to. And the burger, they say, is only the beginning.

“Tackling food security with an improved food system benefits the environment by reducing land use and water. It also means less intensive livestock conditions.”

The patties are set to hit the market in the next few months and while they might set you back a little on your buck at a restaurant, they’ll have even the most serious meat-lovers doing a double take. Details: