Long may green reign

Green, green and more green.  As we head into a new season and the last few months of the year, it’s exciting to see how this year’s decor trends have evolved and how nature continues to inspire new design ideas

For 2023, décor trends have focussed on natural elements and artisanal touches have been prevalent. And the colour green has been a standout, appearing in everything from accent walls to furniture pieces. We chatted to interior designer and owner of Ivy Décor and Design, Tammy Holmes, who shares a few trends that really made an impact, and are still thriving.

“Neutral tones have also remained popular, but with added texture to create depth and interest in living spaces and bedrooms alike. Handcrafted items from local and international artisans have added a unique touch to homes, adding character and personality to each space. Additionally, incorporating historic touches into decor has become a way to curate stories around a room, creating a sense of nostalgia and connection to the past.”

Green will continue its reign, and not only through indoor plants but on ceilings, feature tiles, wallpaper, upholstery decor elements, and more! Green is seen as neutral and the various hues within this colour spectrum provide us with exceptional scope and opportunity which we are very excited about.

Neutrals will feel kinder and warmer. Goodbye greys, welcome earthy hues with pink undertones.

Fluting lives on in unexpected places. Couch skirts, headboards, kitchen islands and wall backdrops, the flute is here to stay.

Raw materials. There will be a big focus on the hero qualities of materials like marble, wood, and stone – stripped from all synthetics. We will be celebrating the raw, where the focus will move toward the natural beauty of the textures found in these elements. Think unstained oak dining tables, unpolished marble tops, and hand-painted pieces.

Artisanal design. Hand-formed work will become the chosen design that adds something special to a space. From local to international design, handmade furniture, tapestries, ceramics, and more – hand-formed is where it is.

Historic touches. Grandma’s dressing table is here to stay, and we are excited about it. Adding history to a space creates charm, and conjures up memories, stories, and a yearning for slower days. A home is a place of celebration and bringing in elements of the older generations (more often than not, partnered with a fantastic story) adds that depth to the room that wasn’t there before.

Photos: Signature Furniture Pieces