Robotic Knee Replacement now available at Life Westville Hospital


Should you suffer from chronic knee pain due to arthritis or an old injury you may be an excellent candidate for robotic knee replacement surgery. Life Westville Hospital is proud to offer the latest robotic technology in knee replacement surgery, with the ROSA Robotic System developed by experts at Zimmer Biomet.

Dr Haroun Mahomed

According to Dr Haroun Mahomed, an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon at Life Westville Hospital, knee arthritis is a common problem affecting thousands of people. Knee replacement surgery is a well-known solution for arthritis. However, there may still be some discomfort following knee replacement surgery, such as persistent pain, instability, or stiffness from a normal knee replacement.

With robotic assisted knee replacement surgery, the placement of the prosthesis is extremely accurate, contributing to the success and outcome of the knee replacement.

The robot combines the benefits of several recent advances in technology including computer navigation, soft tissue balancing and modelling based on X-Rays and CT scans. This information allows accurate assessment of the patients’ knee shape, alignment, and stability. The robotic arm then accurately guides exactly where the surgeon makes the bone cuts.

“I am very excited to have the ROSA robot available as it will allow us to offer our patients the best available technology to support the surgeons in theatre,” continues Dr Mahomed.

“I’ve been working with the hospital and Zimmer over the last year to ensure we could successfully integrate the robot into our operating theatre. I need to thank the hospital for supporting the surgeons to remain at the forefront of medical innovation. We are already known for excellence in hip and knee replacement surgery, and I am confident that with the addition of the robotic knee replacement surgery we will give our patients the opportunity to return to an active pain-free lifestyle sooner.”

Dr Leon P Moodley

The orthopaedic surgeons at Life Westville Hospital will undergo training and certification to operate the system.  Going forward, the robot will also be able to be used for hip and shoulder surgery.

Dr Rob McLennan-Smith

Current surgeons offering the ROSA robot at Life Westville Hospital include Dr Haroun Mahomed, Dr Rob McLennan-Smith and Dr Leon P Moodley.



For more information on the robotic knee surgery service offering at Life Westville Hospital, contact Mark Raptie on 031 251 6988 or email [email protected]