Outdoor adventure


There really is so much beauty in the world, and the peaceful hum of nature is the perfect remedy to the stresses of everyday life. So, if you’re planning your next weekend family getaway the Thule SA team has you covered with their top tips and must-haves for your adventure…

Keep it simple

If you’re planning a camping or RV trip with your little ones keep it simple. It might be best to set up your RV or tent at a campsite and plan to be there a while. Packing up an entire family repeatedly for different destinations is difficult with all your gear. If your kids are a little older, maybe they will appreciate one or two more stops. But if you keep your camping trip simple, you can avoid unnecessary stress. Because if you are stressed your kids will be too!

Enjoy the ride

Make sure to prepare well for a road trip with a toddler or newborn. Whether you are travelling in an RV or a car, pack lots of snacks and extra water since a hangry road trip can escalate quickly. Kids need stimulation, so keep them entertained by bringing out different toys to play with along the way. If your road trip is especially long, plan long breaks (even up to an hour) so your kids can get out pent-up energy.

Elevate your camping experience!

If you’re an enthusiastic camping family it could be time to ditch your tent on the cold, muddy ground and elevate your camping experience. Rooftop tents are an easy solution if you’re heading out for a rugged family excursion. No more securing poles in the ground, simply unfold the tent and you’re done. This means more time exploring and less time setting up camp! Most rooftop canvasses are waterproof, so you can keep high and dry in any weather and also give you a great view from above-ground, some rooftop tents even have built-in sky panels, so you can drift off gazing at the stars!

Head to the water’s edge

A great water sport and activity for the kids to do is canoeing. Canoes are bigger than kayaks and can fit your kids as well as all your things. You can fit it on the top of your RV or car, simply find a canoe rack that fits your specific vehicle. A SUP or paddle board is also a great way to explore a river, lake or local coastline, and you can even throw a line in the water if there are any keen fishermen (and women) in the family.

Explore on two wheels

Exploring the great outdoors on two wheels is fast becoming a popular choice amongst families. Fresh air, new sights and unforgettable experiences, the options are endless and whether you’re planning on taking in a coastline or cycling along the Garden Route. A multisport bike trailer is the perfect addition to any young family’s adventure and is the best way to ensure you see all the sights with the kids on board. They will be happy and comfortable in their spacious cockpit with plenty of windows. A child bike seat is also a great alternative for allowing your child to take in the views safely      and securely.

Hit the trails

Make hikes fun for your kids. Hiking trips might be challenging for young kids, but it can be fun to take hikes on short trails near to where you are staying. To make it exciting for them, prepare some games like nature bingo! In this bingo game, each square has different plants and animals. When the kids spot them, they strike out that square. Whoever strikes off four squares in a row wins. If you’re travelling with toddlers, bring along a stroller that is designed specifically for difficult terrain in case they get too tired to finish the walk. And for the teeny tiny hikers, consider a child carrier backpack to ensure a comfortable ride for even the smallest of adventurers. If you’re considering a longer hike look at investing in a suitable hiking backpack.

And finally, keep in mind that it’s the small things that count. Make time for watching a frog, picking blueberries, cloud spotting or playing in muddy puddles! Speed and distance don’t count, what matters is that the kids are having fun, you’re having time out and that precious memories are being made together. Details: thulestore.co.za