Home Kids Make Happy Island your new ‘happy’ place with these top tips!

Make Happy Island your new ‘happy’ place with these top tips!

Just a few tips to make your visit to Jozi’s new water playground a walk in the park.

1.Skip the queues and book online! You still have to redeem your tickets …but … the separate queue for online ticket purchases makes the process so much quicker.

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2.You can rent tubes for the day to avoid the wait … but … most rides require different tubes, so your best bet will be to wait it out for the right ones. That way you won’t drag around a massive tube the whole day!

3.Some of the facilities in the water park can only be purchased using an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) wrist band which can be bought at the entrance. This means you can leave all your valuables in your locker and not have to traipse back and forth to get your wallet. We recommend loading extra money on the wristband…just in case…and at the end of the day, any unused money will be refunded.

4.Don’t settle for the food at the food court. It may be the first spot you see, but trust us … awesome treats await you down the path!

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