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Don’t forget to look in these spots for your Easter eggs

It’s Easter … which means it’s time for a delicious hunt for chocolate eggs around the house.

RE/MAX of Southern Africa has compiled a list of some of the best spots where Easter eggs could be hidden in each room of your home…


  • Inside a pair of knee-high boots
  • Inside a coat pocket (wear the coat for added difficulty)
  • Disguised as a toy in a toy basket
  • Inside a lampshade
  • Behind the blinds or curtains
  • Inside a pair of socks
  • Tucked into a pillowcase or duvet cover
  • Hidden inside a stuffed toy
  • Tucked under a blanket
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Lounge & Study

  • Hiding in a pot plant
  • Inside a tissue box
  • Under the couch cushions
  • Underneath the couch
  • Inside the TV cabinet / desk draw
  • Behind a book on the bookshelf
  • Hid among other ornaments

Kitchen and dining room

  • Packed in a pocket of potatoes
  • Tucked inside a coffee mug
  • Hidden in the egg carton in the fridge
  • Taped under the dining room table
  • Disguised as fruit
  • Inside an empty cereal box
  • Inside the washing machine
  • Inside the dishwasher

Bathroom (for those wrapped eggs)

  • Tucked inside the spare toilet roll
  • Hiding inside the vanity cupboard
  • Beside the shampoo bottles
  • Hidden behind the towels
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