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Three spots in our northern suburbs don’t mince matters as they dish up delectable food

Lemon twist to meatballs

For those who think spaghetti and meatballs are boring … say hello to lemon meatballs served with spaghetti and Neapolitan sauce topped off with Parmesan and parsley. We discovered this lively mince dish at one of our favourite local lunchtime hangout spots, Glenda’s restaurant. Chef Bheki Ndlovu tells us he uses a combination of beef and lamb mince, lemon zest, salt, pepper, celery leaves, finely chopped onion, grated Parmesan, bread crumbs and juice from the lemon zest to mould these balls of goodness. Glenda’s is known for its focus on seasonal flavours and unique assortment of decor. We especially love the colourful floral murals that are sure to brighten up your day … it sure did brighten up ours. Details: glendas.co

An option for vegans

We’re mad for mince but not everyone eats meat… Enter the vegan Beyond Meat lasagne from Deli Via – Café del Sol’s delicious meals that we can enjoy at home. For this lasagne, the Beyond Meat – made with an almond milk béchamel and nutritional yeast – is cooked slowly with porcini mushrooms. It’s a portion for two at R500, and it’s part of the frozen product range that you can either collect from the Bryanston store or have delivered to your home (15km radius from the Bryanston store). For the meat lovers, try the beef lasagne or the amazing beef mince ravioli, both of which are part of the cook-from-frozen range. On nights when you can’t think to even set foot in the kitchen, there are hot food options too … including a scrummy bolognaise pizza. Details: deli-via.com

Mean homemade lasagne

One of the oldest types of pasta and a well-known classic in most households is the famous lasagna. To take the hassle out of making our own after a long day, we ordered a homemade lasagna with beef bolognaise, béchamel sauce and Italian Parmesan from Col’Cacchio. Let’s just say they don’t mince around … there are so many layers to tuck into, and so while this spot’s known for its pizza, it makes a mean homemade lasagna that’s a must-try. Details: colcacchio.co.za

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