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Amazing opportunity up for grabs in high school poetry slam

If you’re in high school and into poetry, then we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you…

SA’s leading youth radio station, 5FM, launched the 5 School Poetry Slam on 5 Breakfast last week.
The slam itself – an epic showcase for masters of spoken word – will officially take place at the SABC
Headquarters in Auckland Park on Africa Day, 25 May 2023.

The station made a call for entries from slam poets with the skills to blow South Africa away – looking for
young masters of the spoken word – including rappers who mix their art with music – to showcase their
lyrical abilities.

Five lucky high school students will have the opportunity to perform their work live to the 5 Nation at an
exclusive Poetry Slam showcase on Africa Day. They will also have the privilege of working with World
Poetry Slam Champion, Xabiso Vili, who was interviewed by the 5 Breakfast team and also showcased his
talents with an in-studio live performance.

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5FM 5 Breakfast host Dan Corder says: “5FM supports and celebrates young people who are finding
their voices and expressing their creativity through performance poetry for Africa Month. Oral
storytelling, including performance poetry, is a crucial and sacred tradition in South African cultures, so
for Africa Month, we are putting high school performance poets in the spotlight, where they belong.
5FM is uniquely placed to do this work, because 5 is the national youth radio station of the whole
country, and it has always been the station’s purpose to celebrate and support young people, and make
sure their voices are heard.”

Entrants are required to simply post a video of three minutes or less to Instagram, using the hashtag
#5SchoolPoetrySlam and tagging @5FM, visit the 5FM app and fill out the entry form.

Dan Corder and the 5 Breakfast team also encouraged them to get their friends to share their videos on social media. 5 School Poetry Slam, celebrating young people finding their voices, and expressing their creativity
through performance poetry.

For more, visit www.5FM.co.za , download the 5FM App, or follow 5FM on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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