Radio still his first love

Well-known radio personality Paul Rotherham’s passion still lies in the airwaves … His new baby, Caxton Radio, celebrated one year on the air last month.


Paul was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon in the UK, but his love for radio began in Benoni when he was instrumental in starting Radio Benoni High. From there his career skyrocketed as presenter for Radio Highveld and Jacaranda FM … but being the face of Caxton Radio and the technical brain behind the station is something he is very proud of!

“I took Caxton Radio on as a personal project and it is very important to me,” says Paul.

Throughout all his years with commercial radio stations, he always maintained a passion for local radio. Paul believes that strong communities are good for the country.

Paul had been dreaming of a local online radio station for the past eight years. He discussed his idea with Caxton’s management for starting an internet streaming radio station. He believes it to be the future of radio. After he received the go-ahead his dream finally came true − Caxton Radio Benoni was launched on March 1, 2018.

Eight months later, on the first of November, the station’s name was changed to Caxton Radio, when it expanded to nine more stations, covering the whole of the East Rand. Listeners can now stream Caxton Radio through the website of their local Caxton newspaper.

“Although we focus on the East Rand, our audience is global. East Randers who are living abroad let us know that they are overjoyed to hear all the local news from the towns they lived in,” says Paul.

“Caxton Radio is on air 24/7 and for anyone who is interested in local news, stories and sport, the station is an audio version of Caxton’s local newspapers,” he explains.

Caxton Radio entertains its listeners with awesome music, good entertainment shows, celebrity news, interviews, chats with musicians, business news, sports news, marketing
and advertising opportunities and much more.

Paul’s dream for the station is that it should become the station of choice and be recognised as a professional station.

Want to know how to listen?

Visit the website of your local newspaper. When you get to the home page, click on Paul Rotherham’s face and press the play button in the pop-up window to start listening. There are people who are hesitant to listen to an online radio station because they think streaming is expensive. “The truth is that you can stream around three hours using approximately 1GB,” says Paul.

Listeners are welcome to share their stories, local news and sport by email: [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to 079 431 1217.

Get to know Paul

Yes, to my wonderful wife, Zina.


A boy and a girl, Matthew and Jessica-Paige.


• I am serious about being fit and healthy and I love running. I am a passionate runner and run pretty much every day of my life. I love parkrun and this year I am aiming to complete 20 different parkruns to become a parkrun “tourist”. To date, I’ve run 114 parkruns at 13 different locations.

• I am a crazy petrolhead and love Ferrari and Alfa Romeo … I have been involved in Top Gear South Africa, The Motoring Show on SABC 3 and have interviewed many motoring celebs thanks to my love for cars.

• I am crazy about Lego and plan to build a Lego room at home where I can build my projects, share my passion for the brick and display my Lego collection.

• I love spending time with my koi. We are lucky enough to have a large koi pond with some huge fish and there’s nothing more relaxing than switching off to the world and
listening to the waterfall and watching these beautiful living jewels.


I believe that in order to be happy, one should be healthy in mind, spirit and body. Do what makes you happy, because happiness follows passion. Enjoy the journey!