Protection from germs … yes please!


If there’s one thing we’re all super nervous about right now, it’s our health.

And when we’re out and about, we keep an eye out for new products to keep us safe.

Long-time fans of Shower to Shower products, we saw and had to buy their newly launched Germ+ Protect, a new range which meets the current (and future) demand for products that provide us with protection from germs.

The range includes sanitisers in gel and spritzer – but not only do they have the required 70 per cent alcohol, but also have  softening ingredients … great for our hands.

There’s also a body wash and three liquid hand soaps, and everything’s PH balanced and with moisturising oils … perfect for the whole family.

Great prices – from under R20 for the pocket-sized sanitiser gel and spritzer (keep one in your bag and another in your car) up to a little more than R40 for the body wash. Stay safe.

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