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Tips on how to deal with springtime eye allergies…

It’s that time of the year where the flowers bloom, and the constant sneezing looms.

Spring usually promises warmer weather and lovely scenery, but it can be a rather frustrating season for those who have allergies.  Suffering from allergies is, unfortunately, inevitable. But there are ways you can prevent further discomfort.

What are eye allergies?

The more scientific word often used is allergic conjunctivitis. This irritates the eye when exposed to certain pigments in the air, such as pollen, makeup, perfume, and pet dander.

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Common eye allergy symptoms

  • Watery eyes
  • Irritated eyes – often red
  • Sneezing
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Painful eyes

If you regularly suffer from eye allergies, try the following methods:

Swap lenses for glasses

If you suffer from dry or watery eyes, wearing contact lenses can irritate the eyes even more. They are also known for attracting allergens on their surfaces. Swapping them out during allergy season for prescription glasses can help to reduce your symptoms.

Always wash your hands

Proper hand hygiene is vital to avoid transferring allergens from your hands to your eyes. You will be amazed by the number of times you rub your eyes without noticing it. Keep your hands clean by frequently washing with soap and wash your face twice a day to reduce allergens on the skin.

Rinse with a saline solution

Allergies can affect your tear duct, causing them to overproduce, leaving your eyes watery. Watery eyes may still feel dry and irritated. Rinse your eyes with a saline solution whenever you need to. By doing so, you may feel less inclined to rub your eyes. The less you rub, the less your eyes will be swollen, red and irritated.

Take an antihistamine

An antihistamine is specially designed to control histamine levels in your blood. When you use it, you eliminate several allergy symptoms, which will make you feel much better to continue your day.

Wear sunglasses

Although sunglasses are suitable to wear whenever you are out in the sun to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, they can also reduce the pollen that enters your eyes.

Use a cold eye compress

Swollen eyes can easily be treated at home. Soak a clean face cloth or compress in cold water, close your eyes and allow the cold cloth to sit on your eyes for a few minutes at a time. The cold compress can help to soothe irritated eyes and reduce swelling.

Use over the counter eye drops

Although it is not recommended to use steroid eye drops long-term, they can provide immediate relief when you need them. Red, itchy eyes can quickly be soothed by prescription or over the counter eye drops as well as artificial tears. Speak to an eye specialist about your options if you are constantly affected with severe eye irritation, especially if the symptoms continue after allergy season.

If your allergies result in your vision being affected or constantly feeling like there is something in your eye, it is best to book an appointment with an eye care specialist. Start with this dry eye online consultation, answer a few questions about your eyes and, based on your results, contact iSurgeon today!

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